Geospatial EngineeringNovember 2017

Where Next for Survey Technology?

Trimble’s Ian Pennington plus Leica and Topcon answer questions about the survey industry and Trimble’s role within it. See page 5.

American SurveyorNovember 2017

Shifting Approaches to Landslides

A research scientist from the University of Salzburg is using Trimble’s eCognition software to develop and test automated approaches to landslide detection, mapping, inventorying and monitoring.  See page 28.

xyHtNovember 2017

Building a Solid Case

Washington State Patrolman Rod Green uses Trimble’s TX5 scanner and RealWorks software to simplify and speed the work of collecting and analyzing information and evidence at accident and crime scenes.

xyHTOctober 2017

Raising the Confidence Level

Article by Trimble's Boris Skopljak about how professional-grade software allows surveyors to manage, merge, and analyze the multiple types of data that go into a modern survey. See page 49.

GeoInformaticsOctober 2017

On the Road to Recycling

Dutch company Dura Vermeer used Trimble’s R2 receiver for location measurement of tar samples as part of the country’s effort to build new roads using recycled asphalt from old roads.

American SurveyorOctober 2017

Remote Control

Cape Survey used Trimble solutions to capture the precise survey data that was needed for the creation of a large wind farm in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. See page 8.

Geospatial EngineeringOctober 2017

Rising Expectations

Article by Boris Skopljak and Jason Hayes about the increasing demand for spatial information as a result of software innovations as well as the growing availability of high-res 3D geospatial data.

GeoConnexionSeptember 2017

Going Underground

Woolpert uses Trimble R10 receivers, TSC3 controllers, and Trimble Access Software to locate and georeference underground utility lines in northern Ohio.

xyHt MagazineSeptember 2017

Motorized Trig Leveling

Denmark uses Trimble Precise SDK and S9 HP instruments in its efforts to modernize the collection and maintenance of geodetic heighting information.

GeoDataPoint BlogSeptember 2017

Centimeters for Everyone

Read about Trimble Catalyst, a GNSS receiver that enables developers and users to operate at levels of precision and confidence previously attained only by highly skilled, well-equipped geospatial professionals.

LiDAR MagazineSeptember 2017

A Well Planned Success

French surveying company Boye Geometre used a number of Trimble products to provide clients with extremely detailed 2D and 3D products with very short deliverables leading to a considerable advantage over the competition.

Geospatial Engineering: Charted Institution of Civil Engineering SurveyorSeptember 2017

Where Next for Survey Technology?

What do the people behind survey technology make of the profession yesterday, today and tomorrow?

American SurveyorSeptember 2017

A Well Planned Success

By introducing a Trimble scanner and software, French firm Boye Geometre was able to provide detailed products with short delivery times.

POBSeptember 2017

Surveyors Account for 900 Buildings in Two Weeks with LiDAR

Using a number of Trimble technologies, including the SX10 and Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center software, Star Survey was able to quickly and accurately gather data on more than 900 buildings for a project in Changchun, China, to maintain and improve city structures.