Trimble Access 2018 on Windows 10 devices

Trimble® Access™ 2018 is optimized for Windows® 10 running on Trimble platforms such as the Trimble TSC7 Controller and Trimble T10 Controller.

Contact your local Trimble Distributor for more information.

Trimble Access 2018 Documentation

Trimble Access 2018.00 provides a redesigned help system installed to the controller. In addition, the Trimble Access Help Portal can be viewed online from any device at

To view the release notes, go to

Installing Trimble Access 2018

Trimble Access 2018 is installed just like previous versions, except that the Trimble Installation Manager must be run on the Windows controller Trimble Access is being installed to.

Installing on a Windows controller running an earlier version of Trimble Access
If you have an existing Windows controller running Trimble Access with a software maintenance date of 1 June 2018, and it meets the recommended specification, then you can install Trimble Access 2018. To do this:

  1. Run the Trimble Installation Manager
  2. In the Version field either select Latest release - 2018.00, or 2018.00 and tap Install

During software installation your job files will be converted to the latest version and the Trimble Data folder will be updated to store jobs in the new Projects folder.

Installing on a new Windows controller
If you are installing Trimble Access 2018 on a new controller:

  1. Install the Trimble Installation Manager directly onto your TSC7, T10 or Windows controller.
  2. To run Trimble Installation Manager on the controller, tap the Search icon in the Windows task bar and enter Install. Tap Trimble Installation Manager in the search results to open the Trimble Installation Manager.
  3. In the Version field either select Latest release - 2018.00, or 2018.00 and tap Install

Note - You cannot install both 2017 and 2018 on a controller at the same time.

    Upgrading your controller and transferring existing Trimble Access licenses

    To upgrade from an older controller to a new TSC7, you can relinquish your Trimble Access software license from a controller that has current software maintenance, and after your distributor has reassigned the licenses to your new controller, you can install Trimble Access to the new controller using Trimble Installation Manager. 

    For more information, refer to the topic To relinquish software licenses in the Trimble Installation Manager Help.

    Converting jobs from previous software versions to 2018

    If the files you want to convert are version 2017.00 or later, then you can copy them to the controller and Trimble Access 2018.10 or later will automatically upgrade the jobs for you.

    If you have older than version 2017.00 Trimble Access files that need converting, you can set up custom data folders that the Trimble Installation Manager can convert to the appropriate version of Trimble Access and install in the correct folders. For more information, refer to the topic Custom data folders in the Trimble Installation Manager Help.

    There is also a Trimble Access Job Converter web service that converts Trimble Access .job files to a newer version.

    Try out Trimble Access 2018

    If you would like to explore the new Trimble Access 2018 software, you can use the Trimble Installation Manager to create a Trimble Access limited demonstration license to evaluate Trimble Access. The license is fully functional but can be created only once per computer ID. Demonstration licenses are limited to adding 30 points per job, however large jobs created elsewhere can be opened and reviewed. Demonstration licenses allow connections to GNSS receivers and total stations for the first 30 days. After 30 days you can "connect" only to the GNSS emulator and manual instruments.

    For more information, refer to the topic Demonstration licenses in the Trimble Installation Manager Help.