The Reliable High-Accuracy GNSS Solution is Now Offered in a Usage-based Service

Trimble has enhanced the Catalyst GNSS receiver-as-a-service product line to make it more scalable and flexible by offering a time-based pay-per-use billing plan called Catalyst On Demand.

Catalyst on Demand is Trimble’s response to the growing number of industries and organizations that need high-accuracy GNSS technology in the field, but require a more flexible payment model to make the technology accessible. The Trimble product and engineering team’s goal was to keep the user interface as simple as possible and remove cost constraints. The team’s objective was to target larger organizations wanting to equip large numbers of fieldworkers and users wanting immediate access to the service without committing to a monthly fee.

Initially offered as a monthly subscription service with accuracy options ranging from 1 meter to 1-2 centimeters, Catalyst served users who needed the technology for seasonal and project-based work. These users had peaks of time with a high number of users and when their data collection season ended, they would place the subscription on hold until it was needed again.

Catalyst On Demand functions in the same manner as the original monthly Catalyst service, but can be used conveniently in hour-by-hour time units. The Catalyst On Demand service works like this:

  • To start using Catalyst On Demand, the customer contacts their local Trimble distributor to sign up for the service and choose how many hours to purchase up front (from as few as 10 hours at a time). A number of Trimble distributors already offer a fully-automated online purchasing process, which allows new customers to get up and running in a few days with a simple credit-card based purchase process. To find a Trimble distributor, click the “Buy Now” button here.

  • The account owner designates users (by email addresses) who are allowed access to the account. The account can be shared with as many, or as few coworkers as desired. For large organizations, it is possible to open the account to all users from your company who operate an email address within the same domain as the account owner. This option prevents the need to manually enter tens or hundreds of individual usernames. 

  • Once named as a user on the account, each operator can sign-in and access the Catalyst On Demand account from the field. The account owner retains control over the account balance, and can monitor and report on who and when the account balance is being consumed.

  • Catalyst On Demand automatically notifies the account owner when the account balance is low, and provides simple options to replenish the account with more time. 

  • Each user needs a Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna to use the service, which is available for purchase for a one-time cost of approximately US$350. Users provide their own Android phone or tablet to run the Catalyst software app and their preferred Catalyst-ready field app.

  • Once the Catalyst software is installed on a user’s smartphone, he/she simply signs in with username and password. If the user has been granted a license to the organization’s Catalyst On Demand pool, it will be immediately available to use in the field.

  • Customers can add more hours to their account as often as they prefer. With this payment model, users pay only for the time they need and any unused hours remain in the Catalyst On Demand account until they are needed, for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.

Trimble Catalyst on Demand with TDC600

“Our goal is to put Trimble positioning technology into the hands of every spatially enabled field worker," said Gareth Gibson, Catalyst Business Development Manager at Trimble. "Catalyst On Demand will empower a new segment of users and make professional GNSS technology more accessible than ever before.”

Catalyst On Demand is Designed for a Wide Variety of Users and Use Cases

For individual users to enterprise-level businesses, field teams don’t always know when and where they will need to access the technology, so a monthly subscription model is not always practicable or economical.

Catalyst On Demand eliminates the need to predict project requirements weeks or months in advance and allows accuracy for more users. Trimble is enabling “spatially-enabled workers” to produce accurate work and make better decisions. The product caters to both traditional GNSS workflows for GIS, as well as those who fall outside of the typical GIS or mobile GIS category. For instance, a field worker who is:

  • recording a position;

  • navigating back to something;

  • measuring the relative distance of objects in the field; or, 

  • taking a digital map and finding those features on maps in the real world.

Other examples of more traditional GIS-related field work include federal workers, public safety teams, crime scene investigators, insurance assessors, landscape designers and also contractors doing field installations and needing to capture a digital record of what was done.

Catalyst On Demand opens a wide range of possibilities for GIS teams to perform their jobs. To learn more about Trimble products, visit here.


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