TerraFlex field software supports Trimble’s latest handheld devices, including the TDC150, TDC600, Nomad 5 + EM100 and more, enabling users to streamline their data collection workflows. When used with these devices, TerraFlex delivers flexibility and ease of use on a rugged, modern platform. Primary users include the local government sector, as well as utility, oil and gas, forestry and environmental monitoring customers.

TDC150 Integration and Benefits

The TDC150, an integrated high-accuracy GNSS handheld, allows users to achieve scalable accuracy in four configurations (from meter level down to centimeter). Users are able to upgrade accuracy as needed, either permanently or as a monthly subscription, through their Trimble distributor.

“Now users get the benefits of high accuracy GNSS in an all-in-one device,” said Hamish MacMillan, Trimble product manager. “This makes it easier to deploy to field crews without the need for multiple pieces of hardware. They can have it all in one rugged handheld.”

Key benefits to the TerraFlex integration with the TDC150 include:

  • scaleable accuracy down to centimeter-level;

  • combined high accuracy GNSS with the Android’s modern operating system in one rugged device; and,

  • the virtual pole system that enables precise positioning in TerraFlex through the integration of the camera at the back of the handheld.

Trimble TDC150 TerraFlex

TDC600 Integration and Benefits

The TDC600 handheld is a sleek, all-in-one rugged smartphone with a built-in professional GNSS receiver. It’s a productive way to collect data and communicate from the field, and users enjoy the familiar, intuitive Android interface. A primary benefit of TerraFlex’s integration with the TDC600 is:

  • Field crews have a convenient and rugged device for performing data maintenance that doesn’t require high accuracy GNSS.

Trimble TDC5600 TerraFlex

TerraFlex with Nomad 5 + EM100

The Nomad 5 handheld, with its ease-of-use and flexibility, is designed for accurate GIS data collection, asset management and field inspection tasks. Trimble designed the Nomad 5 for professional field crews needing convenience and reliability in the toughest environmental conditions.

Combined with the EM100 module, users gain integrated sub-meter positioning in the field. The EM100 provides support for a range of different correction sources, built-in antenna and support for external antennas, allowing users to transform the Nomad 5 into a rugged, accurate field device.

Nomad 5_TerraFlex

Why TerraFlex?

TerraFlex software is a flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based solution for field data collection. TerraFlex is designed for users who:

  • wish to move from pen and paper data capture activities to digital forms;

  • want to collect attribute-rich and accurate geolocated GIS and asset information; or

  • want a streamlined workflow that’s simple for field crews to learn and operate.

The Trimble product team enjoys communicating with users and learning the different ways they lean on TerraFlex in the field, MacMillan said.

“It’s interesting to talk to them about how data captured using TerraFlex is used across a range of different industries and applications,” he said. 

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