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Trimble Dimensions 2018 will be my fourth time attending this event, and here's why I would encourage you to attend (and why you should convince your boss to let you attend).

Networking at Trimble Dimensions

Networking with industry professionals.

I know, "Networking with industry professionals in Las Vegas" isn't the best way to start out convincing your boss, but I'm not here to feed you a marketing line, it's just the truth. With the amount of multi-disciplinary industry professionals converging at this event for 3 days, it's one the most important reasons people attend. It's beneficial for your personal career development, as well as for the company or organization you work for.

You meet peers that you end up referring some work to, or vice versa. You connect with Trimble product, support, and development teams that help you solve a frustrating problem you been banging your head against the wall about for months. And yeah, you also have beers next to a surveyor from halfway around the world that is having the same challenges scanning bridges as you, but you share perspectives and ways to approach the problem that you both benefit from. It happens, and you can get out of this conference what you put into it. 

Conference Presentations and Panels

Continuing education and technical knowledge you can take away. 

Within the Geospatial sessions being offered, you can learn about survey fundamentals and best practices that aren't just about Trimble, but about how to help you be a better surveyor, or photogrammetrist, working with your GIS clients more effectively, etc. There are presentations from Trimble users and customers, expert panel sessions, continuing education courses (especially if you need the credit hours), computer labs, hands-on demonstrations, and product teams discussing the technology, instruments and software that are available. 

Expo Hall

Access to Trimble people.

Have a question for the product manager of the Trimble R10?
Want to ask an applications specialist about whether mobile mapping makes sense for your business or isn't worth the effort?
Want to ask a panel of Trimble engineers how software GNSS works?
We're all here, and we're all for you. 

Trimble Hololens Demo

Industry and technology trends.

A lot of people want to see where others are in adopting technology, how they're using it, and what's coming up that they should be prepared for. The expo hall is a great snapshot of the latest technologies and business areas that Trimble and the industry overall are investing in. You also can meet with the leading industry publications such as xyHt, American Surveyor, GIM International, Geoconnexion - yeah all those guys and gals are here and can share valuable insights into the industry. 

It's good for your business. 

Attending this conference is an investment in your business, for all of the reasons listed above. What's the price of admission worth to you - finding a way to save 6 hours on project deliverables? Understanding better how the DOTs across the country handle large scale projects and data, so you can bid on projects better? Does your survey company need a social media strategy (does your company even need social media)? Getting hours of research done in one face-to-face meeting?

It's up to you, but it's all here, at Trimble Dimensions.

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About the Author

Michael Dix

Michael is on the Trimble Geospatial Marketing Communications team based in Westminster, Colorado.