Ecobot, a natural resources consulting platform, has joined Trimble’s Mapping & GIS Partner Program to provide fast, accurate wetland delineations. 

As part of the program, Ecobot has implemented the Trimble Precision SDK (Software Development Kit) to integrate high-accuracy positioning capabilities within its wetland delineation app. The app connects with Trimble GNSS R-series (R1, R2 and R12) devices, enabling fast and accurate data collection without having to call in a surveying team. 

Scientist holding a Trimble R1 receiver in the hand in wetland area

Submeter Accurate Wetland Delineations, 2X Faster

Built from within the industry around the existing wetland delineation workflow, the Ecobot wetland delineation app works offline, includes reference guides and automatically performs calculations and quality assurance/quality control. 

Ecobot, which integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS for mapping wetlands, also speeds regulatory reporting, saves money, keeps projects on time, protects natural resources and enables responsible economic progress.

“By joining Ecobot’s wetland determination app with Trimble’s high accuracy positioning capabilities, users benefit from quicker, more efficient regulatory reporting, save money and keep projects on time,” said Stephanie Michaud, strategic marketing manager, Trimble Geospatial field solutions. “The combination enables environmental scientists to collect data and support field work of any scope and scale.”

“Recent NEPA rollbacks and the pandemic’s impact on the way the AEC and environmental industries work make the need to digitize workflows more important than ever,” said Jeremy Schewe, PWS, cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of Ecobot. “We’re excited to partner with Trimble as part of our broader push to facilitate the connections needed to reduce the time and costs of regulatory wetland reporting and monitoring, while improving scientific accuracy.” 

Hand holding a smartphone with Ecobot software on the screen

Want to learn more about the Trimble and Ecobot Partnership and how this can help your environmental consulting team improve the work you do for your clients? Visit the Ecobot profile on the Trimble website.

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