Each year, the Esri User Conference in San Diego is an opportunity for Trimble to connect with users and learn about the larger contributions they make to society.

For Trimble’s GIS and Mapping group, in particular, it is the biggest event of the year featuring four days of inspiring interaction, with 19,000 attendees from around the world visiting more than 300 exhibits and taking in more than 1,000 sessions. Trimble is a platinum sponsor for this year’s event July 8-12, which is themed “GIS-The Intelligent Nervous System.”

“It’s a chance to get closer to our users and have conversations about what they are doing and what their challenges are,” said Gareth Gibson, Mapping and GIS solutions portfolio manager for Trimble Geospatial. “Everyone who goes to the Esri User Conference has that same mindset of using GIS technology to make the world a better place.”

In return, Trimble shares with users its solutions and tools for empowering organizations to work with precision, efficiency, and confidence.

“All of the users and organizations are there because their higher purpose is to solve a problem,” Gibson said, “whether making the world safer, improving the environment, saving organizations from disaster, or simply helping people.”

Trimble Solutions Deliver Position Accuracy

Any industry, business, or field of study with an interest in physical objects in the real world can benefit from knowing precisely the location and state of those objects, Gibson notes. Trimble solutions provide confidence in the position data, improve workflows and deliver positions faster, whether through receiver technology, hardware integration, or software workflows.

“It’s about putting the power of position in the hands of everyday users,” Gibson said.

Trimble’s expertise centers on position capture, position use and the idea that location intelligence empowers organizations to get more work done and make better decisions. “I believe we’re giving our users confidence, we’re giving them performance efficiency gains,” he said, “and there’s no other organization that can do that as well as Trimble can.”

Trimble-Esri Integration Benefits Users

For at least two decades, Trimble has served as a top sponsor of the Esri User Conference, which grows every year and serves as the foundation of ongoing integration between Trimble and Esri solutions ranging from corrections services, GIS handhelds and tablets, GNSS systems, field-to-finish software, and 3D/augmented reality solutions.

Esri-specific Trimble solutions include:

Handheld Data Collectors

  • TDC150
  • Geo 7X
  • Nomad 5
  • Juno 5
  • TDC600
  • TDC100

GNSS Receivers

  • Catalyst
  • R2
  • R1

Field Software

  • Trimble Positions Field Extensions
  • TerraSync
  • TerraFlex

Office Software

  • Trimble Positions Desktop

Trimble Catalyst, a revolutionary technology featuring a subscription-based software GNSS receiver, integrates with Esri Collector for ArcGIS and is just one example of the two entities—Trimble and Esri—working together to bring location accuracy to more users.

“We saw over the course of the last few years a growing realization amongst our customers that they really needed to use or capture location data at a much higher accuracy than they can achieve from their smartphone,” said Doug Morgenthaler, Esri program manager, at the time of the launch. “Catalyst offers a really great opportunity for people to start collecting that high accuracy information they know they want, and they need, in a package that’s a lot more accessible.”

Trimble to Highlight New Tools and Technology at 2019 Conference

At Esri UC 2019, attendees will learn about the full fleet of Trimble hardware and software solutions that integrate with Esri tools.

“Trimble was one of the first organizations to integrate a field computer with high accuracy GNSS, with the idea of putting everything into a single package,” Gibson said. “This year, we will bring our customers the next iteration of that story.”

At Trimble’s booth #1627, users can test drive new solutions including the Trimble TDC150 handheld data collector, a high-accuracy field solution for GIS applications, and the Trimble TDC600 handheld, a next-generation smartphone and GIS data collector.

In a lunchtime session July 10 (11:30-12:30), users can get an overview of how the latest field software and hardware solutions from Trimble integrate with the ArcGIS platform to ensure they can operate with greater confidence.

In another lunchtime session July 11 (11:30-12:30), Trimble will demonstrate how Trimble SiteVision can work directly with data from ArcGIS to create precise outdoor augmented reality viewing experiences to increase collaboration and improve decision-making.

“We work closely with the Esri mobile apps team to integrate our products with their products, so they are streamlined workflows,” Gibson said. “Our goal is to handle the complexity of precise positioning,  so that our users can focus on the task at hand.”

Learn more about the Trimble and Esri partnership on the GIS: I Use Esri page.

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