2019 has been one spectacular year! Actually, this is the end of an amazing decade and now we are looking forward to the next. But before we jump into 2020, lets recap our Top 10 of 2019 in no particular order.

  1. A new Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner that is sure to change your workflow and open up new opportunities! The excitement for the innovative scanner and field software has far surpassed our expectations and we can’t wait to hear how it is being used in 2020. Trimble X7
  2. We are about to embark on an exciting journey with Trimble's new CEO Rob Painter. Steve Berglund is transitioning after two decades of leadership that transformed Trimble and the industry. Everyone is looking forward to the next evolution of Trimble's success.  
  3. Just recently we announced the all new and powerful Trimble R12 GNSS Receiver that builds on the most trusted GNSS receiver in the field. If you haven't already, contact your distributor for a demo. 
  4. It is so exciting to see our industry bringing new ways to communicate and educate surveyors worldwide and introduce surveying to our next generation. The National Society of Professional Surveyors has a really good podcast going as well as XYHT. Have you seen the super cool Get Kids Into Surveying posters? They create the most engaging content for kids.Get Kids Into Survey
  5. The Trimble SX10 continues to dominate the market and we have endless user stories coming in. Keep them coming! We love to write about them. A few of our favorites:
  6. Trimble Business Center Power Hours have become quite the community with thousands joining each time for lots of learning and a little bit of fun. Were you a lucky prize winner in December's Power Hour? All the TBC Power Hours are available to view. TBC Power Hour
  7. Go Lady Land Surveyors! We've seen great publicity around women in surveying this year. NSPS held its first Women in Surveying Summit that will only grow in attendance every year. There are powerful women all around social media giving excellent advice and sharing their journey. Find and follow lady_land_surveyor, Helen Gilmartin at Korec, and Geospatial_Lauren
  8. You must be following us on Instagram and LinkedIn by now, right? The growth of surveyors on social media is astounding. Haven’t made the leap yet? Find out why you should on “Social Media and the Surveyor.” Trimble IG
  9. Trimble continues to make it a priority to help education institutions worldwide get access to industry leading hardware and software. Check out our Education page. We've opened Trimble Labs across the globe. Read about our most recent Texas A&M Geosciences labTexas Geosciences Lab
  10. Trimble wouldn’t be here without each and every one of YOU!!! Your feedback, images and stories inspire us every day. We look forward to our continued partnership with you and our worldwide distribution network that always brings you the most innovative technologies, service and support that can’t be beat. Here's to 2020!!!

It's never easy to pick just 10. Next year this will be even harder. We have one heck of a year planned, including Trimble Dimensions 2020 in Nashville. Sign up now to get alerts. https://dimensions.trimble.com/

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Cody Cooper
Cody Cooper

Trimble Geospatial Marketing Communications Director