Ways to Protect Your Survey Equipment  

Are you wondering how you can protect your survey equipment? While we have our range of L2P devices that can be added to an instrument case or into an Trimble S-Series or C5 instrument, there is also simple PIN security available to everyone.

In Trimble Access under Instrument > Instrument settings, tap the PIN softkey to get to the Change PIN form. To add a pin enter and confirm a 4 digit pin number (note 0000 cannot be used as this represents no PIN). When connecting to the instrument after a power cycle you will be prompted to enter in the PIN to unlock the instrument.

Optical Tip1


From the Instrument settings page tap the PUK softkey and ensure you know your PUK code which is needed to unlock the instrument if you forget the pin number. If you don’t have this code and get locked out of your instrument you can contact your local Trimble Authorized Service Provider.

Optical tip 2

If you have a PIN enabled and want to disable it then enter in the current PIN, tap the None softkey (inserts 0000 as the new PIN) and then tap Accept.

Optical tip 3

On an S-Series instrument you can unlock the instrument using the Face 2 display. After powering the instrument on select “Unlock Instrument” then enter the PIN. You can also set and change the PIN by choosing security on the “Setup/Level” screen.

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About the Author

Derek Shanks
Derek Shanks

Derek Shanks is an Optical & Imaging Market Manager predominantly caring for Trimble SX10 and S Series robotic total stations. Derek has been with Trimble for 10 years since graduating with a Bachelor of Surveying from Otago University, working in the Trimble Access software team prior to his product and market management roles.