Wait, I can go to Dimensions to see the latest in technology, get hands on experience in computer labs, network with colleagues worldwide AND fulfill Professional Development Hours (PDH) requirements? Yes, it’s true and one of the greatest values of coming to Dimensions. Credits earned for attending these sessions may be used as evidence of continuing education efforts to apply toward professional license renewal. Don't miss out on sessions like:

  • [GEO-1088-P] Cadastral Workflows and Legal Description Writing using Trimble Business Center 
  • [GEO-1404-P] Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about GNSS
  • [GEO-1168-P] Some common 'Mythstakes' in hydrographic surveying
  • [GEO-1079-P] Leveraging the Trimble SX10 for Bridge Surveying across a River
  • [GEO-1178-P] How to take advantage of combined technology, Trimble SX10 and Trimble R10, in large scale survey projects
  • [GEO-1227-P] How to Transition to the 2022 National Coordinate System without Getting Left Behind
  • [GEO-1359-P] Traverse Line Deflections in Tunnel Control Networks
  • [GEO-1502-P] Creating user-defined staked-delta screens for Trimble Access to increase survey workflow efficiency
  • [GEO-1538-P] Who needs a FAA remote pilots license & what can you do with it?
  • [GEO-1872-P] Storage tank inspection and calibration using laser scanning and Trimble RealWorks

See all PDH sessions by going to the Session Catalog, and selecting the Professional Development Hours filter and add them to your schedule.

To accurately track attendance, make sure your name badge is scanned when entering and exiting session rooms. Following the conference, attendees will receive a transcript documenting all PDH-qualified sessions attended and credits earned. Share your transcript with appropriate state and local boards as evidence of continuing education efforts to apply toward professional license renewal.

Professional Development Hours Session Catalog

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