Break through into new laser scanning workflows and deliverables with the new Trimble X7 terrestrial laser scanning solution.

Announced in September 2019, the Trimble X7 laser scanner with Trimble Perspective field software offers a new level of scanning productivity with automatic calibration, survey-grade self-leveling, and in-field automatic station registration.  

And Trimble Business Center (TBC) seamlessly supports Trimble X7 data through image-based station views; CAD and drafting tools; point cloud registration, classification, and extraction routines; and more. 



Watch the October TBC Power Hour to learn how the Trimble X7 with TBC provides a market-leading solution for surveyors and scanning professionals alike.

Learn about the following topics: 
- Load Trimble X7 data collected in Trimble Perspective field software
- Review and refine Perspective’s in-field registration
- Register Trimble X7 scan data to scans from the SX10
- Georeference Trimble X7 scans to total station and GNSS survey data
- Utilize station view, annotations, and labels with Trimble X7 data
- Classify, segment, and render the Trimble X7 point cloud

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