Trimble Access version 2019.00 is now a 64-bit application and supports the following apps: General Survey, Roads, Tunnels, Mines, Pipelines and Monitoring. A few of the major enhancements for version 2019 are highlighted below.

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CAD Toolbar

TA Screenshot

Version 2019 now includes a CAD toolbar in the map. The CAD toolbar enables you to easily use control codes to create line, arc, and polygon features in the map as you measure points, or by drawing features using points already in the job. CAD toolbar buttons for each feature geometry control code supported by Trimble Access are available. You can now easily create lines, arcs, smooth curves, rectangles or circles, and define horizontal or vertical offsets by tapping the appropriate toolbar button and selecting the line feature code you want to use to identify the feature.

The CAD toolbar is similar to the one supported on tablets with pre-2018.00 versions of Trimble Access, but is now available to all controllers and can be used with all measurement forms including Measure codes and the Video screen.

Web Map Services (WMS)

TA Screenshot IFC

You can now add data from one or more web map services (WMS) to the map. Web map services are an easy way to provide context to the data in your map without having to prepare background map files such as .jpgs or .tif files to cover the project area.

SX10 scan data display enhancements

TA Screenshot SX10 Scan

Trimble Access 2019.00 includes the following enhancements for scan data captured using a Trimble SX10 scanning total station:

  • Trimble Access now has dynamic detail loading of point clouds depending on the field of view, so that when you zoom in, the software dynamically loads more details from the zoomed in area.
  • Trimble Access can now handle jobs that contain a very large number of SX10 scan points. The size of the job is now effectively only limited by the amount of space available on the controller.
  • Two new color modes for scan point clouds shown in the map or video screen. You can now color the point cloud to indicate the elevation of points or the reflective intensity of points using a color (the reflective intensity of points using gray scale was already supported).

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