Welcome to our Trimble Scanning University Series. We will have a row of exciting webinars and interesting materials for you to learn about scanning and to help you decide which 3D Laser scanner is the right choice for you. 

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12 June 2019

Trimble SX10 - Deep Dive into Trimble Vision and Autolock

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Inside Trimble TX6 and TX8 Lightning Technology

Inside Trimble TX6 and TX8 Color Accquistion

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LeFab Shop - TX8

Geometre - TX8

SX10 Customer Stories

Alzkanal  - TX8


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Inside the Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station

One of the most popular sessions from Dimensions. A deep dive inside the SX10 instrument covering the EDM, scanning, angle and measurement system.

TBC Power Hour: Scanning Workflows in TBC for Street Topo and Structural Facades

Learn how GEOVAL in France has leveraged the new support for terrestrial data and new point cloud and image deliverables to combine TX8 and SX10 data for geospatial topo and structural elevation models.

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