Topo, scan, layout, as-built, and survey a boundary with one instrument. The Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station is opening up a whole range of new possibilities for the market. Around the world users are working with the Trimble SX10. 


The all-in-one station is equipped and ready to make fast, accurate work of the most challenging jobs. In a range of projects across the globe––from surveying the rugged terrain surrounding a long-abandoned mine in Alaska, to assessing earthquake damage in the seabed near a New Zealand village and calculating the sag adjustment on newly installed power lines in rural, forested Norway––the Trimble SX10 has proven itself as a tool to improve the way surveyors work.

The Trimble SX10 Total Station offers the convenience of complete integration with both Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center (TBC) software workflows. In the office you can rely on TBC to help check, process and adjust optical, leveling, and GNSS data to generate industry-leading deliverables.

The Trimble SX10 easily handles a full range of projects, including:

  • Topographic survey/general surveys (boundary/land title surveys)

  • Roadway/corridor surveys (roadway design and topo)

  • Volumetric surveys (stockpile volumes)

  • Infrastructure surveys (civil infrastructure as-builts)

  • Building as-built and design surveys

  • Utility design survey

  • Power line inspection/clearance

  • Forensics/crash scene investigation

  • Mine/quarry survey

  • Tank calibration/inspection

  • Dimensional control

The Trimble SX10 scanning total station sets a new standard for accuracy, capability and performance. Whether you’re performing a typical job or your most challenging survey projects, the SX10 gives you the confidence to do it all and do it well.

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