The international geospatial community came together virtually in 2020 to share, learn and collaborate with other professionals dedicated to surveying and geoinformation. A lot of great information was shared, so we’ve compiled a list of Trimble’s Top 10 INTERGEO sessions, including a brief description of the session and a link to view the recorded version.

Which 3D Scanning Solution is the Right One for Me?

Learn about the Trimble Scanning portfolio and dive into real-world examples with each solution. Viewers will gain an understanding of which Trimble 3D scanning solution to use for varying scenarios. Link

Turning Point Cloud Data to Survey Topo Deliverables

Get an overview of the ways Trimble Business Center (TBC) can help you maximize efficiency in the office and avoid repeat trips to the field for more data collection. Link

Trimble X7 and the Power of Point Clouds for Collaboration and Communication

Trimble product managers Jason Hayes and John Fomby walk viewers through the steps to capture data in the field with the Trimble X7 and Perspective software, though sharing and collaboration using Trimble Clarity. Link

Go Further: The Trimble R12i

Learn how our newest GNSS receiver can work for you in this video on Trimble TIP® technology, which enables points to be measured or staked out while the survey rod is tilted, and builds on the unrivaled ProPoint™ RTK positioning engine to deliver unmatched GNSS performance in challenging environments. Link 

How 3D Mobile Mapping Brings Efficiency, Safety and Precision to Complex Engineering Projects

Learn how to generate survey-grade deliverables from a modern high-end mobile mapping system for your engineering and design applications. Link 

GIS Data Collection with Mobile Mapping

Get tips and tricks, as well as hear success stories, from city planners, GIS Professionals and asset managers for increasing productivity for large scale data collection, information extraction and sharing of such information with various stakeholders. Link 

SiteVision for Survey

See how Trimble SiteVision – a user-friendly outdoor augmented reality (AR) system – works with Trimble Catalyst SW RTK engine to bring data to life so you can visualize and explore complex information, placing BIM and CAD objects in their real-world place, with unrivaled accuracy. Link 

Best Buddies – the Trimble X7 and SX10

Watch and learn best practices from Sweden’s 5D Konsulterna, which utilized the Trimble X7 laser scanner and the SX10 scanning total station to optimize workflows in a survey task. Link

The Role of Trimble Inpho in the World of Big Data

Learn how Trimble Inpho MATCH-AT software supports users with large and complex imagery projects. Our team highlights the new high-performance matching strategy and shares how to enhance productivity by scaling your projects through distributed processing with DPMaster. Link

Surveying Reimagined with the Trimble SX10

Join the Trimble Optical team to understand the innovative functionality of this true scanning total station. Review the Trimble Business Center processing tools for getting the most from your Trimble SX10 data and see real-world examples of the SX10 system getting to the end goal more efficiently. Link

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