Trimble Business Center (TBC) v5.00 was released on November 19th, 2018 (you can download it here). The first thing you'll notice is the new look:

Trimble Business Center

The Trimble Business Center team and our user experience (UX) designers created a new icon and color scheme to create a cleaner, modern experience. Under the hood all of your existing tools and core workflows are there, so current TBC users will feel right at home with the new version. 

Trimble Business Center and Business Center - HCE Now Combined

Trimble has previously had two versions of the software, Trimble Business Center targeted at survey and geospatial users, and Business Center - HCE targeted at Civil Engineering and Construction users. Now both of these are combined into a single software platform in Trimble Business Center v5.00. 

What does that mean for you? For many users, their projects include both survey and construction workflows and this integration will now give them all of the tools they need in one software. Trimble Business Center has always been the ideal hub for project data, both from the field and the office, and now this data hub extends even further with v5.00.

New Capabilities

Auto-extract Trees, Poles and Signs from Point Clouds

Trimble Business Center v5.00 has a lot of other new capabilities such as automated feature extraction, powered by Trimble eCognition® software, dramatically reduces the time to extract features, such as trees, poles and signs, from point cloud data.

New multi slice tools, combined with cutting plane workflows, allow you to quickly extract cross sections from point clouds at intervals along a linear geometry. This will help you save time with corridor redesign and maintenance reporting.

For mobile mapping systems such as the Trimble MX9, survey and construction professionals can now easily integrate these multi-sensor data types together within the single software environment, streamlining their workflows and increasing productivity.  

Trimble Business Center Mobile Mapping MX9

Trimble Macro Language (TML)

The new Trimble Macro Language (TML) allows survey and construction professionals to customize data computations and add new CAD and GIS workflows to fit specific local requirements. By extending out-of-the-box software capabilities, customers can further increase operational efficiency, reducing the time to create client deliverables.  

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