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Introducing Trimble SX12 with Wi-Fi HaLow Radio Technology

A new model of the Trimble® SX12 total station is available, now equipped with Wi-Fi HaLowTM radio technology. Wi-Fi Halow provides a more reliable and robust connection—up to 14 times higher bandwidth than long-range radio. It makes it easy to complete data-heavy tasks like scanning transfers or video streaming.

Reliable, long-range radios are the invisible backbone of robotic total stations today. The introduction of the Trimble SX12 with Wi-Fi HaLow model now brings the benefits of this radio to Trimble users, allowing the SX12 to quickly and easily work robotically, including at long ranges.

Traditionally, radio communications are a tradeoff between long range and the amount of data you can send. With Wi-Fi HaLow, send all the data you need, at the range that you need, without having to switch between standard Wi-Fi and long-range radio.

Trimble SX12 Hallow Wifi

The key to Wi-Fi HaLow is the use of a lower frequency than standard Wi-Fi (0.9 GHz vs 2.4 GHz). Lower frequencies have a longer wavelength, which allows the signal to travel much farther and more easily penetrate through objects and walls. 

Compared to long-range radio, Wi-Fi HaLow provides up to 14 times higher bandwidth. This means you can easily perform data-heavy tasks like seamlessly transfer scans or stream video.

If you already own an SX12 system, the new Wi-Fi HaLow radio technology option is available to purchase as an upgrade. Contact your local Trimble distributor for more information.

Download the complete white paper to read much more on the functionality and benefits of Wi-Fi HaLow.

Note: Due to government regulation of communication frequencies, the Trimble SX12 with Wi-Fi HaLow model and EM130 Empower module are only available in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.