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New: Trimble EM940 Empower Radio Module

Introducing the Trimble® EM940 Empower™ radio module for survey controllers and tablets, enabling real-time radio-delivered corrections for GNSS RTK systems.

GNSS RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) systems are essential tools for surveying and mapping applications. They provide high-precision positioning and navigation information in real time, which is crucial for accurate data collection and analysis. However, not all receivers have internal radios to receive radio-delivered corrections, which can limit their usefulness. To address this, Trimble has introduced the EM940 radio module to provide the link necessary to fully deploy all your GNSS receivers for any job. The module mounts to the Trimble TSC7 and TSC5 survey controllers, and to the Trimble T100 and Trimble T7 tablets.


The benefits of the EM940 radio module in everyday survey workflows include:

Support for Multiple Frequency Bands

The EM940 radio module supports both the UHF frequency bands (410 MHz–470 MHz) and the 900 MHz spread spectrum bands, making it compatible with a variety of base radio systems. This allows surveyors to use the radio module with multiple base stations, increasing their flexibility in the field. The module can also enable receivers with internal UHF radios to work with construction base radio systems, which often use 900 MHz radios. No more having to set up a separate base, or having to use network corrections and calibrate to the site. Just connect to the established 900 MHz base and get to work.

Easy Configuration

The EM940 radio module can be easily configured with the relevant field application such as Trimble Access™ and Trimble Siteworks software.  All necessary configuration can be done through each application, making it easy to activate the radio for use. 

Store Entered Frequencies for Quick Reuse

Your application software will provide an interface for you to enter your channel frequencies for UHF bands and the module will store the entered frequencies in its internal memory. You do not need to reenter the frequencies once they are stored. You can even remove the module, reinstall it and the frequencies will still be there. This saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on fieldwork instead of dealing with complicated configuration processes. 

Compatible with Most Rover Receivers

The EM940 radio module provides radio communication for GNSS RTK systems, enabling receivers that do not have internal radios to work with radio-delivered corrections. This feature makes it compatible with most rover receivers, allowing surveyors to use the module with their existing equipment.

Expand Your Reach

Sometimes, having your own base close by using a radio for corrections is the best option for the job, especially in challenging environments where GNSS signals may be weak or obstructed or network bases are too far away. The EM940 radio module provides that option for all your receivers.

For more information on the EM940 radio module, check out the Empower product webpage, or talk to your Trimble Authorized Distributor to give it a try.