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TBC Does That: TBC and Autodesk Civil3D - Better Together

What TBC does

For the benefit of our customers who have substantial investments in CAD software, TBC is an excellent complement to the tool kit. TBC offers great interoperability with Autodesk Civil3D and offers comprehensive QA/QC tools and CAD functions to clean, process and analyze field data. 

TBC and Civil 3D screenshots

How this helps you

Saving time is always helpful! The TBC toolset allows you to stay in one software package as long as needed to clean field data, extract CAD objects, insert annotations, and prepare the final printout, It helps save much time of moving data back and forth between different applications and get your work done faster with less chance of errors.

File integrity is usually well retained when necessary data exchange occurs. Objects created in TBC can be exported in Autodesk formats such as .dxf and .dwg. Shapes and labels created in Civil3D can also be imported to TBC and display correctly.    

How it works

Activities performed in TBC, such as QA/QC, ensure accuracy of the data. Then simply follow your usual CAD routines to configure layers and styles to improve the data visualization. TBC recognizes Autodesk line styles and blocks so they can be imported and applied seamlessly. It is also highly recommended to save your usual configurations into a project template, so all your future projects follow the same standards. 

For more details about seamlessly integrating TBC and Autodesk Civil3D, refer to this Tip of the Week about point symbols.

The “TBC Does That” series, written by the Trimble Business Center (TBC) Team, focuses on the broad range of functionality that TBC delivers to you. Periodically we will release information to help you improve productivity by making the most of TBC’s built-in tools.