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Trimble Access Software 2023.00 Feature Blog: Improved Method of Linking Design Files

Trimble Access 2023.00 software makes it easier for surveyors to access and manage their design files.

With innovative new tools and enhancements that enable users to collect, manage and analyze data more efficiently and accurately, the latest version 2023.00 release of Trimble® Access software adds a new feature that allows users to easily link design files from Trimble Connect or USB drives from the Layer manager. This delivers several benefits that make it easier for surveyors to access and manage their design files.

The new file browser available from the Layer manager makes it easier than ever to select design files on your device. Instead of browsing the entire file structure for your project folder, the project folder is now pinned for easy access. You can also pin other folders for quick access. For example, if you often download design files to your Downloads folder, you can pin the Downloads folder to the menu. To do this, simply navigate to the folder, tap and hold, and add it to your pinned folders.

If you use Trimble Connect® cloud software, you can now easily select and download files directly from the Layer manager. This is perfect for when you need someone to send you a new or updated design file while you are out in the field. No need to return to the office or waste time downloading files from emails. With this new feature, ask your office manager to drag and drop the file into Trimble Connect and then while you are in the field you can easily add that file directly to your job from the Layer manager.

If you use a USB drive, simply plug it into your device, and the files on the USB stick will now appear in the file browser. From there, it's easy to select the file you need, which will also be automatically copied to the project folder.

For an overview of how this new file linking feature makes it is easier to access, manage and share design files within Trimble Access watch the following video;

In addition to the new features mentioned above, the latest release of Trimble Access includes many other enhancements to improve your workflows. For a comprehensive list of these changes, refer to the release notes available on the Trimble Access Help portal.

Watch these other two videos to learn more about each of these Access features:

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