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Trimble + Avenza Maps

Flexible data collection with high accuracy location.

Tablet and smart phone showing Avenza Maps software on screen

Offline Spatial Awareness

Improve location accuracy by pairing Avenza Maps® with a high accuracy Trimble GPS device. Locate yourself without a network connection or Wi-Fi on any map. Get accurate locations even in remote places with improved data quality.

Data Collection & Sharing

Simple yet powerful data collection tools allow you to place and name points, attach photos, and change symbols. Customize your own attribute schema to standardize data collected at each location and store in layers for easy management. Import and export map datapoints and layers to cloud storage locations in a variety of file formats including shapefile.

Mapping Tools

Draw and measure lines and areas, plot geotagged photos, create geofences, change coordinate systems, and many more features while working completely offline and remotely.

Enterprise Solutions

Manage multiple subscriptions remotely with an enterprise subscription manager and manage your organization’s maps with an in-app map repository accessible with network connectivity.

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Value Proposition

Trimble GNSS Solutions

Trimble devices including Trimble Catalyst™ DA2, R2 and R12 GNSS receivers integrate via Bluetooth® with Avenza Maps Pro on both Android™ and iOS devices.  The TDC650 and TDC600 handhelds can download Avenza Maps from the Google Play Store. The app is available to download from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Customer Stories

A few years ago, Nick Schaer discovered Avenza Maps Pro, a mobile app for iOS and Android with powerful GPS-enabled mapping capabilities, and the option to use on virtually any smartphone or tablet. Avenza Maps Pro connects via Bluetooth with a variety of Trimble devices including the R1 and R2 to transmit more accurate GPS locations into the app. This allows for better location, navigation and collection of data within the app.

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Danae Schafer is the Assistant Land Commissioner at the Koochiching County Office of Land & Forestry in Minnesota. She tests new technology before implementing it to the larger team of field workers which include loggers, and foresters. Recently, she tested the combination of Avenza Maps Pro for offline mobile mapping plus the Trimble TDC 600 handheld device for accurate GPS location.

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