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Trimble Forensics Reveal v2.11.0 Software Release

Trimble Forensics is pleased to announce the May 2024 release of Trimble Forensics Reveal version 2.11.0. Here’s a rundown of some of the things contained in this release.

Trimble Maps Update

Trimble recently made a change to the Trimble Maps satellite maps service, and as a result, the Trimble Forensics Reveal software was also updated to interface with this new service. To maintain access to Trimble Maps for your satellite photos, existing Reveal customers will need to update to version 2.11.0 as soon as possible.

All versions of Trimble Forensics Reveal ≤ 2.10 will be unable to access the Trimble Maps service after May 20, 2024.

Trimble Perspective TDX Import

Reveal 2.11.0 now allows users to import .tdx files outside of a .capture file. The purpose of this feature addition is to allow those who use Trimble Perspective on their office desktops to import their data into Reveal without exporting the scan data to Trimble Capture.

Users can find the .tdx file import option here:

Import Measurement Data Log > File > Other Format > Perspective (TDX)

The Data Log import wizard continues to run the same procedure as a .capture file from that point on.

Additional updates made include an update to the license manager backend that will allow users to continue to use Reveal in perpetual, network and subscription modes in the future. 

Find the release notes here.