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Trimble + PointMan

High-precision locations paired with revolutionary data collection for utilities, construction and surveying.Tablet and smartphone devices showing Pointman software on screen


Mapping Underground Assets with PointMan

Now you can digitally capture new and existing utilities quickly and easily using Trimble and PointMan. Whether it’s Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), As-Builts or Map-Grade, PointMan integrates natively with Trimble receivers, giving you the most flexibility to use your existing systems.


Digital Project Management

PointMan includes a free trial to PointMan Cloud, a powerful tool that enables organizations to manage assets, employees and monitor progress of the job-site—all from the office. Works on and offline and provides quick turnaround on audits. Reduce insurance costs with less incidents when all your teams are on the same page.

Survey Workflows

Complete common survey workflows in PointMan with Trimble GNSS Receivers, such as measurement, photo capture, view and edit existing data. Empower field workers to have access to survey and GIS data in one location.

About PointMan

PointMan® is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables authorized field personnel to capture precise asset locations and other location related information from a mobile device.

The PointMan mobile solution provides the field worker with the ability to visualize their proximity relative to existing infrastructure, view any historical data relating to that infrastructure and provide the ability to update location data. PointMan also provides the functions to take geo-referenced photos, complete electronic forms, take field notes or create sketches before submitting the information to the ProStar geospatial database service.

With the PointMan mobile solution, field workers can:

  • Minimize utility strikes
  • Integrate seamlessly with GNSS and pipe locators
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Work with survey-grade and GIS data in one platform
  • Maintain complete accurate records for audits

Trimble GNSS Solutions

By integrating precise Trimble GNSS positioning into PointMan workflows, users can confidently access high-quality data and immediately identify potential conflicts to prohibit catastrophic accidents, disruption of services and costly delays to infrastructure projects.

Customer Story

Colorado Department of Transportation

CDOT surveyors and SUE managers were able to successfully pair Trimble® R10 and Trimble SPS985 GNSS receivers with PointMan via Bluetooth®, collect survey-grade utility locations, and export the data into their Bentley MicroStation projects. CDOT, as well as many other DOT agencies, employs a utility coding system to manage its various utility assets as well as for easy standardized stylization. PointMan was able to manage this requirement by importing the CDOT utility coding system into its Data Dictionary, a tool that allows for customized visualization of utility assets.

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