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Dimensions 2023 Preview: Trimble Access Takes Surveying Skills to the Next Level

Join the Trimble Access team at Trimble Dimensions for an immersive training course designed to equip those in the worlds of surveying and construction with all the essential workflows, tips, and tricks needed to master Trimble Access, S-series instruments, and GNSS technology.

New users will learn key functions to improve performance and productivity, while experienced users will acquire the elevated skills to enhance workflow efficiency, becoming power users. 

On day one, dive into the world of data management with Connecting the Dots: Office-to-Field-to-Office Workflows with Trimble [G-1459]. Learn how to seamlessly transfer designs and files to surveyors in the field, efficiently manage data in the cloud, and effortlessly bring completed field data back to the office—without the hassle of USB drives. Streamline your data workflows for greater efficiency and productivity.

Day two is all about harnessing the full potential of your total stations and GNSS receivers with Trimble Access. Join Mastering Total Station Technology with Trimble Access [G-1456] to hear valuable tips and tricks that you can apply every day in the field to simplify your work and boost your productivity, while Unlocking the Full Potential of GNSS with Trimble Access [G-1457] reveals the true capabilities of your equipment.

Day three focuses on workflow optimization in the session Trimble Access Measure Codes Unleashed: Revolutionizing Topographic Surveys [G-1458]. Explore two main workflows within Trimble Access, starting with the Measure Codes workflow. Learn how to create symbols and linework in the field, simplifying drafting processes back in the office. Then, Digital Construction for Surveyors: Navigating the Future with Trimble Access [G-1460] explores working with BIM models in Trimble Access and taps into the power of digital delivery projects for enhanced project management.

Wrap up your week with an exclusive opportunity to engage with the Trimble Access Product team at Ask the Experts | Trimble Access [G-1689]. Bring your burning questions and get unique insights into the software's development. Gain a deeper understanding of how Trimble Access has evolved and continues to evolve to meet the needs of professionals like you.

Explore the Trimble Access catalog, secure your spot today and embark on a journey toward mastery of Access at Trimble Dimensions.