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See The World Around You Clearly With Trimble TerraFlex

Trimble® TerraFlex® software version 5.11 introduces improved background maps with Trimble Maps and support for the new Trimble TDC6 data collector handheld.

You can download the latest version now from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Close up view of field user holding the Trimble Catalyst Handle with Trimble TDC6 handheld attached running Trimble TerraFlex software

TerraFlex version 5.11 is a single, streamlined solution that unites easy, intuitive field data capture with high-accuracy GNSS positioning. With TerraFlex, you can deploy streamlined and integrated field workflows that require minimal training and that adapt to any application or scenario. 

New in this release is support for Trimble Maps. Background maps provide you with a better understanding of your surroundings and enable you to make more informed decisions about how you carry out your work in the field. The new satellite and street base maps provide more up-to-date map content and significantly improved satellite map resolution, as shown in the images below.

The background maps in TerraFlex version 5.10 and earlier will stop working in May 2024. It is important that all users update to version 5.11 or later before this date to ensure they maintain access to background maps in TerraFlex.

Side by side comparison of Trimble TerraFlex software version 5.10 vs. version 5.11 showing the difference Trimble Maps makes.
Compare TerraFlex software version 5.10 to TerraFlex version 5.11, which uses Trimble Maps.

This release also adds support for the Trimble TDC6 data collector, a versatile handheld for all of your field data collection requirements. From simple data capture through to advanced workflows utilizing Trimble GNSS systems, the TDC6 handheld is powerful, flexible, and cost-effective.

In addition to the TerraFlex release, we have updated the Trimble Connect Map Viewer to add two new CAD export formats—DXF (with blocks) and DWG. These new formats enable you to take your field data captured with TerraFlex straight into your CAD design and drawing solutions. The CAD export options in Trimble Connect Map Viewer require a Trimble Terra™ Office Basic license.

Side-by-side screenshots showing Trimble TerraFlex field data in Trimble Connect Map Viewer and CAD.TerraFlex makes it easy to integrate field data into your CAD-based applications. 

To learn more about Trimble TerraFlex, visit the product page or contact your local authorized Trimble Distributor.