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Reduce Response Time in Traffic Crash Investigation with the Trimble QRS Solution

In the world of traffic crash investigation and collision reconstruction, road closure time is a big deal. The longer traffic is disrupted the more chance of secondary collisions and more work to do. One of the ways to reduce the time it takes to clean up the mess is to carry mapping instruments in units and have them ready to go. Responding to the scene directly eliminates the need to return to the office to get equipment before responding. With this need in mind, Trimble built a Public Safety and Forensics GNSS mapping system called the Quick Response Solution (QRS).

Affordability and Convenience

Using satellites to map things on the surface of the earth is nothing new; Trimble has been a pioneer since the beginning in the survey and mapping industry. Mapping crash and crime scenes using GNSS is nothing new to law enforcement and public safety, either. Trimble Forensics has been providing solutions such as the Trimble R4sLE, Trimble R10, and Trimble R12i GNSS receivers for some time now. What is new with the QRS is now it is convenient and affordable to untether yourself from a base, remove reliance on cellular signals, and use satellite-delivered corrections to your scene, allowing you to truly become untethered and unrestricted.

Faster Scene Clearance and Reduced Complexity

The QRS allows you to obtain your corrections as long as you have a view of the sky, even without a cellular connection or a base. This translates to faster scene clearance and reduced equipment complexity, leaving you to concentrate on what matters: getting the road open and getting out of harm’s way.

Reduce Downtime and Charge Devices in the Field

The QRS features batteries that can charge from a standard car cellular phone charger. No need to go back to the office to plug in and charge. This allows you to keep your mapping system in the car with you on every shift and allows you to respond directly to the scene without an office detour. A simple micro-USB cable charges the receiver’s battery pack and a USB-C cable charges the data collector. Having your equipment with you, always charged and ready saves time and removes the risk that the last person to use it did not plug it in at the office. 

All of this hinges on being able to afford a device to keep in every patrol unit. With that in mind, the entire kit is extremely affordable, allowing agencies to deploy this solution to as many units as possible, rather than having only one or two expensive instruments to share among a department or post. 

Package Components and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Compatability

Included in the QRS kit is the GNSS receiver, battery, 2-piece rod, data collector and mount, and the first year of Trimble correction service subscription included. After the first year, the correction service is an affordable annual subscription to keep delivering the corrections to your receiver.

The whole package is designed to give crash scene responders a way to respond directly to a scene and map their roadway, evidence, tire marks, and gouges to clear the scene quickly with accurate and reliable data. The package also pairs perfectly with any responder equipped with an unmanned aerial system (UAS). If using a UAS for photogrammetry, the QRS allows the UAS operator to gather the necessary 3D ground control measurements that are crucial to successful photogrammetric scene reconstruction.

For more information or to arrange a QRS demonstration to see the benefits for yourself, contact your local Trimble Authorized Forensics Distribution Partner.