A Guide to Getting the Best Performance with Large Datasets

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Trimble Software: Working With Large Datasets 11 Addendum B: Sample PC Build for Trimble Software Under $5000US Below is an example build of a system that would provide excellent performance using large datasets with Trimble GeoSpatial software products (i.e., Trimble Business Center and Trimble RealWorks). Specific vendors' products are used as examples only. There are substitutes available that would provide comparable performance. ● Custom H2O-cooled PC (keeping CPU cool is key to good performance) – e.g., ekwb cooling solutions ● Intel Core i9-10900k Processor ● Premium X490 Motherboard ● 64GB DDR4 4000 MT/s RAM (Mega Transfers per second) ● PCIe Gen3 RAID card (if not supplied with motherboard) – e.g., HighPoint NVMe RAID card ● 3x NVMe SSD for RAID processing drive – e.g., Samsung EVO ● 1x NVMe SSD boot drive – e.g., Samsung EVO ● 2x large SATA HDD storage drives, mirrored for redundancy – e.g., Western Digital WD Gold ● NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Graphics Card ● 1000w Power Supply Unit – e.g., Seasonic Electronics products If necessary, it is possible to reduce the cost of our suggested build, but it should be done in a particular order to ensure the smallest impact on performance. We suggest cutting costs in this order: ● First, select a less expensive GPU ● Second, reduce the speed of the RAM while still keeping a minimum of 64 GB ● Third, lower the number of RAID drives to two, instead of three It is possible to spend more money than $5,000 US, but expect the extra cost to provide diminishing returns on the investment. We would use the extra money in this order of descending impact: ● First, add another drive to the RAID array, for four total, and/or add faster drives like Samsung Pros (rather than EVOs) ● Second, consider a larger GPU ● Third, upgrade the Boot drive to an Intel Optane SSD 905P Series, rather than the suggested NVMe drive ● Fourth, increase the amount of RAM to 128 GB ─ at the expense of RAM speed A sample of boutique PC builders who can make computers like these include (in no particular order): Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, Maingear. For the best results overall, purchase a gaming-configured PC, not a workstation-configured PC.

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