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/ Copyright ©2020. All Rights Reserved BNP Media. Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing Recent Articles By John Stenmark Survey In Extreme Isolation Successfully Maps Bird Preserve Improving Survey Productivity for Bus Stop Project Multiple Survey Technologies Speed Flood Response Laser Scanning Aids in Tank Inspections Pipeline Survey Meets Challenges and Deadline John Stenmark is a writer and consultant working in the geospatial, AEC and associated industries. He has more than 25 years of experience in applying advanced technology to surveying and related disciplines. He may be contacted at Fitzpatrick looks at the project as a very precise traverse. While it has a number of similar aspects to aboveground surveying, the costs and limited access demand constant attention to detail. He's designed the work keeping in mind the distance and geometry, and is keenly tuned in to the capabilities of his instruments and procedures. Everything is designed to reduce or trap blunders, and all equipment is eld calibrated once per week. The Towill team has developed specic procedures to handle the TBM and its guidance system, and Whitman notes that Towill went so far as to design specialized brackets for the instrument mounts. But even with all the checks and precision, it's possible to lose sleep over the project. "I trust my math, adjustments and measurements--it's the best you can do," Fitzpatrick says. "You've got to have a certain amount of condence. You can't be a cowboy, but you've got to have a little bit of that risk-taking gene in you. It's not for every surveyor." For more information about Towill Inc., visit Additional details about Trimble equipment and software can be found at

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