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installed in the tunnel. The bolts needed to be set at a minimum height of 2.2 m above the finished road but at the time, a ditch for underground cables had been dug, making access to properly mark the positions dif- ficult. De Vuyst resolved this with the SX12's green laser and a truck with a hydraulic bed. With a tunnel shape model as a base, she used the defined design plans and national height specifications to determine and draw set-out lines indicating where the bolts should be placed. She then imported that 3D file into the TSC7's Access soware. Seing up the SX12 about 20 m from the truck, she used the set-out function and let the scanner's green laser navigate to the corresponding line. From there she used the controller to move the laser along the line until it hit the precise break point. The person on the truck could then mark the tunnel ceiling at the exact bolt position. "The clarity, precision and range of the green laser made the task so much easier," says De Vuyst. "Even at 100 meters away, points are crystal clear." With one kilometer of the Maursund tunnel now complete with installed bolts, reinforcement materials, concrete fire protection, and 8.5 billion 3D points, De Vuyst will continue to do more of the same for the last half of the Maursund and the full length of the Kågen to meet the completion deadline of fall 2022. De Vuyst may still not know what to expect as work continues, but she's confident the versatility of the SX12 will light the way. ◾ Mary Jo Wagner is a freelance writer who's covered the geospatial industry for 25 years. Email: The SX12 stands at the ready outside one of the Maursund's technical buildings. The blue tunnel shape created with TBC. SP stands for station point and the two green lines show where the SX12 locked on to two fixed prisms to measure De Vuyst's position. The view of the project site from above. The red lines indicate the two tunnels—Maursund on the left and Kågen on the right. 23 July/August 2021 / The American Surveyor

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