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From GIM International: The Changing Role of the Surveyor

Recently, Chris Trevillian, marketing director of the Trimble Geospatial GNSS division, wrote an article for GIM International, reviewing and examining the changing role of the surveyor in an increasingly complex digital continuum.

Deeply rooted in the complex history of human progress, the geospatial profession has played an essential role in the underpinnings of equitable and efficient land delineation and infrastructure development over millennia.

The essential nature of the surveyor—to provide integrity in the mapping and representation of the physical world and to physically deliver design information back to the surface of our Earth—is largely unchanged since the beginnings of our profession.

However, the demands of today’s world are asking us to adapt our skills in dynamic and important ways. The complexity of our projects continues to grow, while the requests to improve efficiency resound louder than ever. It is up to us to embrace the changing tools as they become available and expand the integrity of information exchange across a wider swath of industry stakeholders.

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