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Roads, Rails and Towers: Mobile Mapping at Dimensions+

See the latest in mobile scanning and mapping technology and workflows at Trimble Dimensions+ in November in Las Vegas.

From urban and road planning to rail and asset management, mobile mapping has proven to be one of the fastest and most accurate ways of collecting geospatial data on the move. Trimble Dimensions+ is the ideal place to learn more about the technology, understand the hardware and software requirements, see the technology in action and — critical to many — have face-to-face talks with Trimble experts. 

Technology Insider
A critical part of the mobile mapping track is a look inside the technology. From the Trimble® MX9 high-end mobile mapping system to the practical Trimble MX50, attendees will see features and functionality, as well as the workflows required to develop quality deliverables. It’s also a great time to get insights about the Trimble MX Simulator virtual space, used for software, hardware, and algorithm simulations prior to operating a real mobile mapping system. 

Other sessions will focus on mobile scanning and mapping best practices learned from customers, ranging from mission planning and system setup on the vehicle, to control point setup tips, to data collection and data processing. 

Real-World Applications
Breakout sessions that feature customer experiences are always a fundamental part of the conference, and this year is no exception. View the online catalog here, and search for "mobile mapping" to for a full list of mobile sessions offered at the conference, kicking off November 7, 2022. 

Attendees will have a chance to hear from and talk to engineering and survey firms as well as transportation agencies about the many applications of mobile mapping. For instance, one firm will spotlight how it used mobile scanning to perform daily subsidence monitoring for a utility bore under a busy section of interstate highway. The geospatial specialist will compare conventional methods versus mobile mapping, focusing on repeatability and effectiveness.

Another firm will spotlight the safety and cost-saving benefits of mobile Lidar data collection for mapping rural highways for the Kentucky Department of Transportation. A firm from Quebec will talk about its use of the best-in-class Trimble MX50 mobile mapping system to collect asset inventory across a 400km project in the city to support engineering design, pavement analysis, and asset management. Another Canadian firm will talk about collecting 2,000 lane kilometers of high-resolution urban and suburban road data using the MX9 in just three days. The over two trillion points and 10,000 panoramic images they collected is the largest engineering-grade unified point cloud produced in western Canada to date to their knowledge. 

And mobile mapping is not just for roads. Another breakout session will focus on mobile mapping technology for railway track measurements while another will describe the deployment of the advanced Trimble MX9 scanner (instead of the conventional GNSS/rangefinder/camera workflow) to capture, inspect, and digitize utility poles over a large area quickly and efficiently. 

Lessons Learned
In addition to use cases, the conference has unique opportunities for customers who aren’t sure about the use of a system and might want to invest in the future. Mobile mapping systems are complex, and include laser scanners, IMUs, and GNSS as well as camera sensors. 

From a variety of options, hands-on sessions include the field-to-finish workflow with Trimble Business Center and the final output in Trimble MX software. A facilitator will demonstrate tools and features for extracting road condition or utility centric data, and another session will focus on classifying rail asset inventory.

Trimble Dimensions+ is the place to listen, learn, and network about mobile mapping capabilities, applications and workflows, whether you’re new to the technology or an experienced operator.

See you in Las Vegas!