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Tunneling Content at Trimble Dimensions+

From establishing control networks for assured alignments to verifying the stability and strength of walls during construction, tunnel surveying is one of the most complex efforts in any firm’s portfolio. 

The Trimble Dimensions+ tunneling track puts a focus on leveraging new technologies like software and laser scanning to provide increased productivity throughout the tunnel construction survey and as-built process. It also includes sessions featuring customer projects and hands-on interactive computer labs to test the latest software features and functionality.

For the complete list of Tunneling sessions, see below. Sessions require registration to attend, so be sure to visit the session catalog and reserve your spot!

When you’re not attending one of our sessions, you can see our technology in action on the expo floor. We’ll have a life-size tunnel monitored by various sensors, showcasing automation and data integration in Trimble 4D Control for tunneling. See productivity and high-quality data for tunnel construction survey and as-built firsthand.

Application Focused

See how one firm gathered data from 10,000 geotechnical sensors positioned on 10 miles of urban tunnels, four concurrent TBM mining operations, and four concurrent underground station excavations, were aggregated and displayed onto a robust project data management software. 

One of the most popular sessions will likely be about the $4.5b NZD City Rail link project, the largest transport infrastructure project undertaken in New Zealand and the start of New Zealand’s first underground rail network. It’s a study in effective connected network control in a built-up urban area that allows the survey team to interface with an existing rail corridor, new station structures and associated civil works, top down structures, mined (NATM) tunnels and TBM bored tunnels. 
Or catch the presentation about how the Trimble SX12 and TC7 allowed one surveyor to manage a two-tunnel renovation in northern Norway while keeping the roadway open to traffic. 

Technical Details

Speedy and accurate tunnel design and analysis requires optimized software. Several computer labs at the conference provide users with hands-on experience creating tunnel designs from scratch in Trimble Business Center and then exporting that design for field stakeout and survey with Trimble Access. These interactive sessions are an ideal place to learn how to manipulate imported third-party tunnel design CAD files for tunnel creation in a way that delivers a survey-ready design–and then how to revise that design as needed during construction. 

Curious about how to visualize, process, and verify point cloud and as-built measurements in Trimble Business Center? Or maybe how to automatically filter and clean point cloud data, create an as-built mesh from the filtered point cloud data?

How about how to generate tunnel construction and survey deliverables such as inspection reports from field data using Trimble Business Center?

The answer to that question and more is at Trimble Dimensions+ in the tunneling technology track – the ideal place to see and touch the latest advancements, learn best practices from expert practitioners and network with other professionals. 

Solutions on Display During Dimensions+:

  • Trimble 4D Control
  • Trimble TSC7
  • Trimble SX12
  • Trimble Access Tunnels 
  • Trimble Business Center Tunneling 

Tunneling Sessions at Dimensions:

Monday, November 7

  • How an Automated Monitoring System Helped Manage 10 Miles of Tunneling and Excavation, G-1544
  • Tunneling Part 1: Preparing Designs Data for your Tunneling Projects in TBC and Trimble Access, G-1632
  • Going Underground: Boring into Construction Technology for Tunnel Professionals, G-1543
  • Tunneling and Trimble Access: A Hands on Session, G-1471
  • Utilizing Trimble SX10 & Trimble Business Center Tunnels Module to Produce As-Built Tunnel Information, G-1589P

Tuesday, November 8

  • How the SX12 Made the Impossible Possible for a Tunnel Surveyor, G-1585P
  • Mining and Trimble Access: A Hands on Session, G-1473P
  • Tunneling Meets Mine Surveying: Equipment and Software Improving Both Areas, G-1241P
  • Tunneling Part 2: As-Built Workflows and Deliverables in Trimble Business Center, G-1633
  • Optimizing Conventional Tunnel Construction Profiling and Verification: The Mole Project Laser Tunneling Projector, G-1472
  • Amberg Tunnel: Tunnel Surveying Simplified, G-1362
  • Surveying on New Zealand’s Largest Transport Infrastructure Project, G-1517
  • Tunneling and TA: A Hands on Session, G-1471

Wednesday, November 9

  • Mining and Trimble Access: A Hands on Session, G-1473P
  • Tunneling with Trimble and Amberg: Getting Started with Amberg Tunnel Office, Amberg Navigator, and Trimble Total Stations, G-1634