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TBC Power Hour: What's New in TBC 2024.00

Trimble® Business Center (TBC) version 2024.00 office software delivers technological integration, workflow optimization, and embraces adaptability and innovation to deliver the ultimate field-to-finish workflow.

In this webinar the team does the following: 

  • Demonstrates how the new version of TBC  revolutionizes feature extraction processes and data interoperability, while harnessing the potential of AI technologies and seamlessly integrating data across platforms.
  • Explains how TBC is breaking down silos and streamlining workflows for more efficient operations through seamless interoperability between Esri and Autodesk via feature services.
  • Details how enhanced point cloud classification and new feature extraction routines are revolutionizing data processing for aerial, terrestrial, mobile mapping and tunneling data 
  • Shows how through leveraging AI, users can extract valuable insights with unprecedented accuracy and speed
  • Showcases how connected cloud workflows facilitate seamless data integration across TBC and Trimble Access, and how the easy syncing of TBC projects to Trimble Connect enhances collaboration and data management, driving efficiency and productivity.