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White Paper: Auto-Calibration with Trimble X7 Eliminates the Guesswork

The Trimble X7 auto-calibration feature dismisses concerns about calibration issues during hardware transit.

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Trimble X7: Auto-Calibration Eliminates the Guesswork

Ever worried that your scanner has lost its calibration after you've shipped it to a new destination?

Traditionally, annual calibrations are performed by the manufacturer for a fee and the service can mean up to a month of downtime. Ideally the calibration will last for a year, but there’s no guarantee. Events out of your control can affect the calibration and accuracy of your scans. By miniaturizing the components required to perform a calibration and integrating them into the Trimble X7®, the instrument auto-calibrates in the field before every scan so you can reduce maintenance cost, downtime and have confidence in your data.

The Trimble X7 is the first 3D laser scanner that offers smart auto-calibration and an industry-leading two-year warranty to back it up. The innovative functionality and mechanical design features lower the cost of ownership and reduce downtime for faster return on investment (ROI).

How does auto-calibration in the Trimble X7 really work? Read all the details by downloading the complete white paper.