Trimble is a trusted Esri partner and a global leader in positioning technology. Our solutions serve GIS users in multiple industries worldwide, bringing together hardware, software and services that integrate seamlessly with Esri workflows to help you get the best data to make the right decisions for your business.


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Add Precision to Your Esri-enabled Field Workflows

Field workers are using Esri mobile apps for a variety of field activities. Trimble’s range of GNSS receivers and field computers work with Esri’s mobile app platform to precision-enable field work and deliver the location accuracy necessary for accurate decision making.

The combination of Trimble and Esri technologies empower organisations to:

  • Adopt modern workflows
  • Boost data accuracy
  • Save time and money
  • Gain location perspective
  • Monitor status in real time

Trimble works closely with the Esri mobile apps teams to ensure full support for Trimble’s family of GNSS receivers including Trimble R series and Trimble Catalyst GNSS with a range of Esri mobile apps including:

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Scalable, Flexible, and Precise Trimble GNSS Solutions

No matter what accuracy you need, what environments you need to work in, the Trimble GNSS receiver portfolio enables faster and more accurate decision making by precision enabling your Esri field operations workflow.

Trimble R1 is a pocket-sized sub-meter GNSS receiver for online and offline workflows.

Trimble R2 is a scalable, rugged, fully integrated GNSS receiver delivering sub-meter, decimeter, or centimeter-precision GNSS positioning in the broadest range of conditions.

Trimble Catalyst is a new concept in GNSS. Delivering low-cost positioning, Catalyst delivers meter through to centimeter-precision “positioning-as-a-service” with a pay-per-user subscription.


Correction services for any mapping requirement

Trimble provides a range of real-time, high accuracy corrections services that enable repeatable and reliable positional accuracy and eliminate post-processing work back in the office. GNSS receivers rely on external corrections to compensate for GNSS errors to achieve consistent decimeter or even centimeter level accuracy. Trimble offers a variety of positioning correction services, delivery methods and performance capabilities to suit any accuracy requirement, budget or work environment.

  • Trimble VRS Now (2 cm) provides instant access to RTK-level corrections via cellular delivery, no local base station or radio required.
  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX (2 cm) offers the best satellite-delivered GNSS correction solution for your most precise jobs, providing you with the freedom to work anywhere without interruptions.
  • Trimble FieldPoint RTX (10 cm) provides decimeter level accuracy ideal for sub-foot receivers.
  • Trimble RangePoint RTX (30 cm) is the right solution for broad-accuracy projects such as collecting field information and managing assets.
  • Trimble ViewPoint RTX (50 cm) is an affordable, entry-level correction service for mapping.
Trimble solutions for Esri users

Esri users can rely on Trimble hardware and software solutions to consistently deliver industry-leading technology and unparalleled performance through a range of products that integrate seamlessly with Esri workflows.


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Trimble + Esri: Customer Story Spotlight

Pipes being laid into the ground by large digger

Fast High-Accuracy Mapping for Gas Pipelines

Natural gas utility companies install thousands of miles of pipeline each year and have found keeping a database of their buried assets is a crucial element for renewal, maintenance and locating needs. The data collection of pipeline assets requires speed, accuracy, and the ability to capture locations and information in difficult conditions. The data supports utility operations and asset management and can be shared with other utilities and public agencies. Utilities can utilize the data to find pipe in the field quickly to identify potential problems.

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Emerald View Trail in Emerald View Park with downtown Pittsburgh in the background

Encouraging Trail Use with Maps

Until recently, urban dwellers wanting to enjoy some fresh air and exercise in Pittsburgh could not find a comprehensive map of the available trails in the city. As demand for this information increased, the City of Pittsburgh set out to create an online map to better serve its residents. Using Trimble and Esri technology, an avid hiker and City employee walked over 130 miles of trails to collect the necessary GIS data.

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