Trimble is a trusted Esri partner and a global leader in positioning technology. We create simply precise location-enabled solutions for GIS users in multiple industries worldwide that integrate seamlessly with Esri workflows to bring transformational improvements to the way your work is done.


Tablet running Esri Field Maps on a Catalyst DA2 handle
ArcGIS Field Maps
Trimble GNSS Solutions

ArcGIS Field Maps is an all-in-one app that uses data-driven maps to help mobile workers perform data collection and editing, find assets and information, and report their real-time locations. ArcGIS Field Maps is the go-to field app, powered by field maps, that streamlines the critical workflows field personnel use every day. Because it is built on ArcGIS, everyone—whether in the field or the office—will benefit from using the same data.

Better Together: Trimble GNSS Solutions & ArcGIS Field Maps
Trimble GNSS solutions (including Trimble Catalyst GNSS service, Trimble TDC650 GNSS handheld, and the Trimble R2 GNSS receiver) and ArcGIS Field Maps work seamlessly together to enable simply precise mobile GIS in the field. The close collaboration between these solutions means you can collect, locate your GIS assets with the industry’s most trusted GNSS solutions and maximize the efficiency in your field workforce.

  • Create: Configure Field Maps to support your specific field workflows, wherever and however work is done.
  • Collect: Use Field Maps’ map-driven forms and precision-enabled workflows using Trimble GNSS for GIS feature data capture, editing, and updates.
  • Locate: Carry your GIS in your pocket and use the Field Maps search features together with Trimble GNSS to precisely navigate your way in the field—to and between GIS features.

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Simply precise GNSS solutions for Esri ArcGIS mobile GIS applications

No matter what accuracy you need, what environments you need to work in, Trimble GNSS receivers enable faster and more accurate decision-making by precision enabling your Esri field operations workflow.

Trimble Catalyst: GNSS positioning as a service
Trimble Catalyst is a new concept in GNSS. Delivering low-cost positioning, Catalyst delivers meter through to centimeter-precision “positioning-as-a-service” with a pay-per-user subscription. Trimble Catalyst integrates seamlessly with a wide range of mobile GIS software applications including ArcGIS Field Maps.

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Trimble TDC650: High-performance GNSS in your hand
The Trimble TDC650 is a high-performance GNSS handheld receiver for GIS professionals. Slim, rugged and easy to use and carry, it supports ArcGIS Field Maps and delivers maximum positioning accuracy in a single integrated solution. 

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Trimble R2: Versatility in the field
The Trimble R2 is a compact, durable GNSS receiver that provides an easy-to-use solution for GIS and survey professionals who need to collect highly accurate data in a wide range of geospatial applications. Capable of delivering between submeter and centimeter positioning accuracy in real-time to any mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth connection, the R2 receiver gives you total flexibility to choose a solution based on the accuracy and GNSS performance level that suits your application.

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Trimble + Esri: Customer Story Spotlight

Pipes being laid into the ground by large digger

Fast High-Accuracy Mapping for Gas Pipelines

Natural gas utility companies install thousands of miles of pipeline each year and have found keeping a database of their buried assets is a crucial element for renewal, maintenance and locating needs. The data collection of pipeline assets requires speed, accuracy, and the ability to capture locations and information in difficult conditions. The data supports utility operations and asset management and can be shared with other utilities and public agencies. Utilities can utilize the data to find pipe in the field quickly to identify potential problems.

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Longhope Vineyard in Australia

Precision Pays Off for Digital Twin

Using GNSS technology, an Australian company efficiently collected highly accurate points throughout a vineyard to create a comprehensive digital twin. From a practical perspective, the digital twin offers a collaborative environment in which broad data is harnessed and the operations of the vineyard are monitored remotely, allowing external consultants to facilitate the vineyard management process.

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