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Trimble empowers the Esri user by connecting the physical and digital worlds through a variety of technologies to capture and deliver intelligent data. A global leader in positioning technology, Trimble provides solutions that serve GIS users in multiple industries globally.

Our solutions bring together hardware, software, and services that integrate seamlessly with Esri field and office workflows. With a broad platform of precise 3D data capture, analysis, visualization tools, Trimble helps you harness the power of your spatial data to empower your decision-making.


Trimble GNSS Receiver Support for ArcGIS Field Maps

Announced in June 2020, ArcGIS Field Maps is Esri’s newest maps app on iOS and Android devices.

Field Maps will combine the following capabilities into a single simple app:

  • Map viewing and markup
  • High accuracy field data collection and inspection
  • Location tracking
  • Work planning and task management
  • Turn-by-turn navigation

Trimble is working closely with the Esri field operations apps team to ensure full support for Trimble’s family of GNSS receivers including Trimble R series and Trimble Catalyst GNSS systems. 

The first public ArcGIS Field Maps Beta (available from July) supports Trimble GNSS solutions right away. Stay tuned for when the next public Beta release becomes available from Esri, which will expand to include support for Trimble GNSS solutions on iOS.

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Add Precision to Your Esri-enabled Field Workflows

Field workers are using Esri mobile apps for a variety of field activities.  Trimble’s range of GNSS receivers and field computers work with Esri’s mobile app platform to precision-enable field work and deliver the location accuracy necessary for accurate decision making.

The combination of Trimble and Esri technologies empower organisations to:

  • Adopt modern workflows
  • Boost data accuracy
  • Save time and money
  • Gain location perspective
  • Monitor status in real time

Trimble works closely with the Esri mobile apps teams to ensure full support for Trimble’s family of GNSS receivers including Trimble R series and Trimble Catalyst GNSS with a range of Esri mobile apps including:

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Scalable, Flexible, and Precise Trimble GNSS Solutions

No matter what accuracy you need, what environments you need to work in, the Trimble GNSS receiver portfolio enables faster and more accurate decision making by precision enabling your Esri field operations workflow.

Trimble R1 is a pocket-sized sub-meter GNSS receiver for online and offline workflows.

Trimble R2 is a scalable, rugged, fully integrated GNSS receiver delivering sub-meter, decimeter, or centimeter-precision GNSS positioning in the broadest range of conditions.

Trimble Catalyst is a new concept in GNSS. Delivering low-cost positioning, Catalyst delivers meter through to centimeter-precision “positioning-as-a-service” with a pay-per-user subscription.

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Trimble SiteVision Outdoor AR System

Bring your data to life with the Trimble SiteVision outdoor augmented reality system. Trimble SiteVision unlocks and simplifies the use of geospatial information by allowing you to see your data in the real world – from property lines to underground services to conceptual designs. View existing GIS data, such as geodatabases or shape files, in easy-to-visualize 3D models while out in the field. SiteVision helps to verify assets and attributes, and assists in checking for discrepancies to maintain the integrity of your data.

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Trimble TDC150 Handheld

The Trimble® TDC150 GNSS handheld receiver is built for GIS users who demand maximum productivity and positioning accuracy out on the job. Offering a fully integrated, ultra-rugged solution that has the flexibility of a handheld, an intuitive Android-based user interface, and scalable high accuracy positioning, the high-performing TDC150 is your productive partner in the field. 

Collect field data easily and reliably using GIS mobile apps such as Esri® Collector for ArcGIS®, Trimble TerraFlex™, and Trimble Penmap® for Android™.

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Trimble Positions Desktop

Trimble Positions Desktop is the solution for deep integration between a back-office GIS system-of-record and Trimble-enabled GIS field data collection workflows. Delivered as an add-in for Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop, it allows users to leverage their investment in on-premise ArcGIS infrastructure by extending schema and features into Trimble TerraFlex and Trimble TerraSync office-field-office workflows.

Trimble Positions Desktop also enables an offline data transfer workflow for TerraFlex through the use of a familiar check-in/check-out model of operation. The offline workflow also supports postprocessing to achieve your accuracy goals.

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Trimble TerraFlex Software

Trimble TerraFlex is an innovative cloud-based application for enabling efficient GIS data collection across a fleet of mixed devices. With TerraFlex you can use your own devices and work anywhere, keeping data organized and your processes streamlined both in the field and office. TerraFlex even allows you to import and update existing data so you always have current information, wherever you are.

Use the TerraFlex Desktop add-in for ArcMap to easily publish templates, create tasks, and download completed forms into your geodatabase (file/enterprise) with minimal mouse clicks.

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Trimble solutions for Esri users

Esri users can rely on Trimble hardware and software solutions to consistently deliver industry-leading technology and unparalleled performance through a full range of products that integrate seamlessly with Esri workflows.


 Esri Data Collection Apps


Esri Field MapsEsri CollectorEsri Survey123Esri ArcGIS QuickCapture


Trimble GPS Handheld Data Collectors


TDC150Geo 7XNomad 5 + EM100TDC600     


Trimble GNSS Receivers


Trimble Catalyst Trimble R2 Trimble R1


Trimble Field & Office Software


Trimble TerraSync   Trimble TerraFlex   Trimble Positions


Customer Stories

Read case studies which highlight real-world instances of how our customers are using Trimble and Esri solutions together to get the job done.

Image of Port NOLA

Built with GNSS: A Busy Port's First GIS

Port NOLA, in New Orleans, Louisiana, is one the world’s busiest ports; it sits at the nexus of a large continental network of rail, rivers and inland waterways. The recent acquisition of a rail system underscored the need to develop the port’s first enterprise GIS. Port NOLA began a pilot to verify existing asset records and capture features missing from existing datasets. The mapping campaign utilized high-precision GNSS rovers paired with mobile tablets running GIS asset inventory software.

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Image of a Trimble Geo7X data collector

Efficient Asset Management for Small Town Utilities

For many small towns and cities, budgets are tight for operating and maintaining public utilities. By sharing resources for common activities, a city can improve cost efficiency in its gas, steam, electric, water and sanitary and storm sewer services. In southern Minnesota, the city of New Ulm has modernized its approach to utility asset location and identification management. The effort is reducing costs and improving service for its 13,000 residents.

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