Handheld Data Collectors

TDC150 Handheld

The Trimble® TDC150 GNSS handheld receiver is built for GIS users who demand maximum productivity and positioning accuracy out on the job. Offering a fully integrated, ultra-rugged solution that has the flexibility of a handheld, an intuitive Android-based user interface, and scalable high accuracy positioning, the high-performing TDC150 is your productive partner in the field. Collect field data easily and reliably using GIS mobile apps such as Trimble TerraFlex, Trimble Penmap® for Android, and Esri® Collector for ArcGIS®.


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Geo 7X Handheld

The rugged, versatile Trimble Geo 7X handheld enables fast, productive, highly accurate mobile data collection in tough GNSS environments with a single piece of hardware. Use Trimble Positions to extend ArcPad®, ArcGIS for Windows Mobile, or custom ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Mobile® apps for high accuracy using both real-time and postprocessed workflows. 

Geo 7X

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Nomad 5 Handheld

The Trimble Nomad® 5 handheld is a fully-rugged mobile computer designed to make your professional work life easier, productive and more efficient. Offering ease-of-use and flexibility in an all-in-one versatile package, it’s the ideal tool for accurate GIS data collection, asset management and field inspection tasks. Access professional workflows for data collection, visualization and communication in the field using Trimble TerraFlex or Trimble Penmap for Android software, or third-party apps such as Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS mobile software.

Nomad 5

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Juno 5D Handheld

The durable, lightweight Juno® 5D handheld offers computing power wherever, whatever the weather, whatever the environment. For higher accuracy requirements, pair with a Trimble R2 GNSS receiver and leverage Trimble Positions for getting verified high accuracy data into your geodatabase.

Juno 5D

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TDC600 and TDC100 Handhelds

Experience the advantages of a smartphone in a rugged professional-grade package to collect data and inspect assets in the field. The Trimble TDC600 and TDC100 handhelds—with Android OS—combine the benefits of a true GNSS receiver in a smartphone form-factor to give you the spatial accuracy, all-day battery life and ruggedness traditional consumer-grade mobile phones don't. Add field software such as Esri's Collector for ArcGIS or Trimble TerraFlex for easy and reliable data collection and update in the field.

TDC600 & TDC100

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GNSS Receivers

Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst is a revolutionary technology which features a software-based GNSS receiver that works with select Android devices. When combined with a small, lightweight, digital antenna and subscription to the Catalyst service, you have a simple, convenient and affordable way to collect highly accurate positions on demand without the need for traditional hardware receivers. Catalyst-enabled apps such as Trimble TerraFlex and Esri Collector for ArcGIS, will provide you with simplified data collection and asset management tools, while at the same time delivering high-accuracy positions straight to your Android smartphone or tablet when and where you want.

Trimble Catalyst

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Trimble R2 Receiver

The Trimble R2 gives you the freedom to configure a solution by simply selecting the accuracy and GNSS performance to suit your application. Capable of achieving sub-meter to centimeter-level positioning accuracy on any Bluetooth-enabled device, the Trimble R2 keeps you working productively in a wide range of applications, no matter what your workflow requirements are. Pair with Trimble TerraFlex or Esri Collector for ArcGIS for real-time workflows on iOS and Android, or use with ArcPad + Trimble Positions on Windows for real-time and postprocessed accuracy.


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Trimble R1 Receiver

The Trimble R1 is a rugged, lightweight GNSS receiver that provides professional-grade positioning information to Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. No matter what smart device you choose— from iOS to Android—for field data collection, the R1 lets you achieve a greater level of reliable spatial accuracy than your current smartphone or tablet is able to provide on its own. Add field software such as Trimble TerraFlex or Esri's Collector for ArcGIS for easy and reliable data collection. With the TerraFlex Desktop add-in for ArcMap®, publish data collection form templates directly from your geodatabase and easily download collected data.


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Field Software

Trimble TerraFlex Software

Trimble TerraFlex is an innovative cloud-based application for enabling efficient GIS data collection across a fleet of mixed devices. With TerraFlex you can use your own devices and work anywhere, keeping data organized and your processes streamlined both in the field and office. TerraFlex even allows you to import and update existing data so you always have current information, wherever you are. Use the TerraFlex Desktop add-in for ArcMap to easily publish templates, create tasks, and download completed forms into your geodatabase (file/enterprise) with minimal mouse clicks.


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Trimble TerraSync Software

Trimble TerraSync software is designed for fast and efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance. Integrating all the ways you collect data—with a GNSS handheld computer, laser rangefinder, or centimeter grade equipment—it’s a powerful system for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance.


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Office Software

Trimble Positions Desktop 

Trimble Positions Desktop is the solution for deep integration between a back-office GIS system-of-record and Trimble-enabled GIS field data collection workflows. Delivered as an add-in for Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop, it allows users to leverage their investment in on-premise ArcGIS infrastructure by extending schema and features into Trimble TerraFlex and Trimble TerraSync office-field-office workflows. Trimble Positions Desktop also enables an offline data transfer workflow for TerraFlex through the use of a familiar check-in/check-out model of operation. The offline workflow also supports postprocessing to achieve your accuracy goals.

Trimble Positions Desktop

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