Esri’s recent release of its next-generation Collector for ArcGIS app on the iOS platform offers some important features for Trimble technology users.

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Esri is a Trimble Partner, and an industry leader in GIS mapping software and spatial data analytics. They have officially released v18.1.0 of Collector on the iOS platform earlier this month. Esri Collector, which makes it easy to capture accurate data and return it to the office, allows field workers to use web maps on mobile devices to capture and edit data. The app even works when disconnected from the Internet.

Collector has been rebuilt from the ground up and offers several key new enhancements and features. The previous version, renamed Collector Classic, will run side-by-side with the new version as users transition workflows over.

Trimble team members were actively involved in numerous, holistic testing events for Collector, and had the opportunity to provide regular feedback throughout the new version’s 12-month development cycle.

There are numerous unique aspects in the next-generation Collector app worth noting:

  • Collector now makes exclusive use of Trimble Precision SDK (TPSDK) for communicating with supported Trimble R-series receivers (R1/R2/R10-2). This update makes the app consistent with the Android version, which also uses TPSDK to support Catalyst.
  • Real-time correction settings for supported Trimble R-series receivers (R1/R2/R10-2) are now exposed within Collector. For example, when you add a "location provider" for a connected Trimble R-series receiver, you can see menu choices for setting up NTRIP, RTX, SBAS (default) and more. This new feature eliminates the need to use a separate app (GNSS Status) except for checking battery levels – an element we expect to be addressed in the near future. Note: the Trimble user must configure real-time correction sources from within Collector for this feature to work.  

Here are several other Collector enhancements and features Trimble product users will appreciate:

Better maps

Collector now supports vector basemaps  – both online and offline – so you can view crisp, high-quality cartography that takes advantage of the quality pixel density on an iPad Pro or iPhone XR. Users will realize that downloading vector tiles on their device will dramatically reduce the footprint of offline content.

Additionally, the rich symbology and smart mapping capabilities you frequently rely on to effectively represent spatial information and often publish using ArcGIS Pro, have been visually enhanced. The new version also supports labels in your map, including labels defined using Arcade expressions.

Improved user experience

The new app includes significant improvements and modernization of the user experience (UX). For example, users will see an improved layout to support workflows and core tools, such as Collect, as well as more accessibility to promote everyday scenarios.

Collector also allows for easier capture of accurate data locations – giving you the ability to use crosshairs that provide a location target experience to precisely define location. And with a new sliding panel design, you can more easily move between views seamlessly by sliding the panel up or down to transition between map-centric and form-centric views to fit your specific workflow.

Smarter data entry

Some of the biggest improvements in this category allow you to take a photo with a single tap, capture additional media (video and audio), read information from a QR or barcode and take advantage of simplified form editing.

Streamlined offline workflows

Collector works anywhere, anytime you need it. You can easily download maps to your device and synchronize changes when you gain connectivity, allowing you to plan ahead.

Are You Ready to Try It?

If you are interested in giving Collector a test run, download it directly to your iPhone or iPad. Remember, you can run Collector side-by-side with the renamed Collector Classic app on the same device as you transition workflows over. You will need to download 18.1.0 from the App Store to use it.


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