Dear GPSeismic customers,

After 26 years of continuous development, GPSeismic has matured to the point where feature requests have slowed to a crawl. This, of course, has been accelerated by a deep and prolonged drop in seismic exploration operations that began in 2015. For these reasons and more, we are announcing that version 2019.0 will be the final release of GPSeismic, for the foreseeable future.  This release and access training materials may be downloaded below.

We sincerely thank all of our customers who have provided us with an abundance of outstanding suggestions to improve the utility of our product. We greatly appreciate your support through the years.

Thank you,

Trimble GPSeismic Team

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New purchases of GPSeismic 2019 licenses are still available for a limited time. Please contact your local Trimble Geospatial dealer for further details.

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