Dig Deeper with Trimble Mine Survey and Monitoring


As-Built and Topographic Surveys

Trimble has a strong portfolio of GNSS and Total Station solutions that will enable you to accurately and efficiently capture the natural surface of your environment. The seamless integration of Trimble® Access™ field software and Trimble Business Center™ (TBC) office software enable quick data transfer for further analysis and documentation.

Set Out

Efficient Mine Surveys

Automate the set out with Trimble Access Mines field software and S-Series Total Stations. Once excavation is complete, rapidly capture as-built profiles with the SX12 Scanning Total Station for in-field comparisons and reporting.


Fast and Detailed Point Clouds

Reduce the time it takes to capture, register, and reference your scan data by using the SX12 and Trimble Access Mines. With the SX12, you can obtain georeferenced scans in just minutes - helping you get the job done faster.


Automated Movement Detection with Confidence

Automate your monitoring process with Trimble Access Monitoring and Trimble 4D Control™ (T4D) software and a range of geospatial and geotechnical monitoring products. Automatically detect movement of tailings dams, dykes, open slopes, and shafts in real time to inform stakeholders of critical displacements.

Automatic Stakeout

Efficiency in the Field

Efficiency is key to the Mining survey and construction workflow, with production at stake; every minute counts. Trimble’s Robotic S-Series total stations enable you to easily set out data and compare the as-built conditions of construction to the engineering design.

With automated workflows for setting out blast holes, drill patterns, grade lines, laser lines and more, Trimble Access field software provides you with all the tools you need to get the job done.

  • Auto Stakeout key features
  • In-field as-built inspections
  • Intuitive field software
Reliable. Flexible. Durable.

Automatic Movement Detection with Confidence

Automatically detect movement of tailings dams, dykes, open slopes, and shafts in real time to inform stakeholders of critical displacements.

T4D software is an industry leading platform for automated movement detection. With its history rooted in other Trimble surveying software packages like Trimble Survey Controller and Geomatics Office, T4D is designed to address the monitoring needs of surveyors and construction professionals.

Flexible and integrated solutions including total stations, GNSS, optical instruments, geotechnical sensors and analytical software work together to support movement analysis and visualization for any project needs.

Comprehensive data. Fast.

Data Collection in the Blink of an Eye

With productivity at top of mind, you don’t have time to waste referencing, registering, and refining your point clouds. The Trimble SX12 scanning total station, allows you to instantly capture comprehensive data that is automatically referenced and registered in the field.

Once you’ve completed your scan, assess the data with the Trimble Access Mines surface inspection tool. Compare measured data against previous scans or design surfaces to make sure excavation and extraction are operating at peak efficiency.

  • Collect dense point clouds in minutes
  • In-field scan inspections
  • Automatic registration and referencing

Trimble Business Center

Field-to-Finish CAD

Trimble Access Mines

Maximize your mining workflow

Trimble 4D Control

For monitoring and mining professionals

S-Series Total Stations

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Trimble SX12

3D Laser Scanning

Trimble R12i

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