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All-in-one rugged GNSS handheld and smartphone

1-2 m
GNSS Accuracy
Android 6.0
Operating System
13.4 cm / 5.3"
Screen Size

The Trimble® TDC100 handheld combines a smartphone and Trimble GNSS data collection technology in one rugged, lightweight device. It’s uniquely designed for GIS professionals working on job sites in a variety of applications including public works, utilities and environmental management.

1-2 m
GNSS Accuracy
Android 6.0
Operating System
13.4 cm / 5.3"
Screen Size

Carry just one device

A smart investment in just one device, the Android-based TDC100 handheld integrates an array of powerful features. Providing photo capture, a high yield GNSS receiver, and integrated 4G LTE cellular modem and voice call capability options*, the TDC100 handheld is the perfect solution to increase the productivity and communication capabilities of your workforce.

*4G model 

GNSS data with Trimble confidence

  • Collect precise GNSS data.
  • Better GNSS capability than standard smartphones.
  • Provides up to 1-2 meter positioning accuracy in real-time.
  • Supports GPS (plus GLONASS, GALILEO, or Beidou) constellations as well as SBAS capabilities to leverage improved real-time accuracy.

Ultra-reliable and efficient in the field

  • Android OS 6.0 "Marshmallow".
  • Download and install apps, including Trimble TerraFlex™ and Esri Collector, from the Google Play Store, even in the field.
  • Run customized apps unique to your organization.
  • Take photographs, send emails, make phone calls*.
  • IP-67 environmental rating protects the device from dust and moisture ingress as well as shock, drop and vibration – without the need for an additional protective case.
  • Large, bright 5.3 inch display readable even in direct sunlight and through polarized sunglasses.
  • User-replaceable batteries in standard (3100mAh) and enhanced (4800mAh) capacity let you work a full workday, even with heavy use.
  • High-resolution camera takes vivid geo-referenced photos.
Devices, Software, and Accessories
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R1 GNSS receiver
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Penmap for Android
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Geo 7X Juno 5 Nomad 5 TDC100
GNSS Accuracy 1-100 cm 1-4 m 2-4 m 1-2 m
Operating System WEHH 6.5 WEHH 6.5 Android 8.1 Android 6.0
Screen Size 10.7 cm / 4.2" 10.9 cm / 4.3" 12.7 cm / 5" 13.4 cm / 5.3"
Screen Type Color touch WVGA TFT Color multi-touch Color multi-touch
Used With TerraFlex, TerraSync, Positions TerraFlex, TerraSync, Positions TerraFlex, Penmap for Android, Esri Collector TerraFlex, Penmap for Android, Esri Collector
Processor 1.0 GHz 1.0 GHz 2.2 GHz 1.2 GHz
Memory 256 MB 512 MB 4 GB 2 GB
Data Storage 4 GB 16 / 32 GB 32 GB 8 / 16 GB
Environmental IP65 IP68 IP65, IP68 IP67