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Trimble Access Mobile Inspector Measure Service

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Infrastructure Inspection Made Easy 

The easy-to-use Trimble® Access™ Mobile Inspector Measure Service software integrates with Infotech Mobile Inspector to streamline infrastructure inspection. The integration provides inspectors with survey-grade measurement capabilities and shares measurements with Infotech Mobile Inspector in the field to be synced simultaneously with AASHTOWare Project or Appia in the office, automating Daily Work Reporting (DWR).

Trimble Access Mobile Inspector Measure Service equips inspectors with the capability to digitally represent an asset with easy-to-use software, improving the management of the asset throughout its lifecycle.

How it Works

Tasks and pay items are sent from AASHTOWare Project or Appia to the Infotech Mobile Inspector to be completed in the field. From there, item types and measure requests are fed into Trimble Access Mobile Inspector Measure Service. This enables inspectors to capture location data in the field, sync it with Infotech Mobile Inspector, and have it seamlessly communicate back to the construction management system.

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  • Eliminates manual or duplicate data entry 
  • Increases efficiency by speeding up field processes 

  • Provides highly accurate inspection data

  • Quicker payments for contractors

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Office-to-Field & Back for DOTs

AASHTOWare Project

AASHTOWare Project enables Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to manage information throughout the entire contract and construction cycle.

Measurements from Trimble Access Mobile Inspector Measure Service can be shared with AASHTOWare Project, streamlining infrastructure inspection for DOTs.

Visit the website to learn more about AASHTOWare Project here.



Office-to-Field & Back for LPAs and AEC Firms


Municipalities and engineering firms use the Appia service to streamline construction contract management, create a collaborative environment for project stakeholders, and transform data into valuable information.

Location data can be shared with Appia to streamline infrastructure inspection for Local Public Agencies (LPAs) and Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms (AEC).

Visit the website to learn more about Appia here.