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Trimble Clarity comes with different subscription plans to suit your workflow. Sign up for a free trial first or skip straight to one of our paid plans for access to more projects and features.

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With its intuitive interface, Trimble Clarity is a powerful tool suitable for both technical and non technical users. It only takes minutes to upload data and create a project for further analysis or sharing.

  1. Upload your file (supporting .las, .laz, .e57, .skp, .ifc, .obj, .dae, .kmz/.kml) or send data directly via Trimble Business Center software.
  2. Data is conditioned to view and use within minutes.
  3. View, analyze, or annotate your point cloud or 3D model.
  4. Share a specific view or entire project with others for instant feedback and collaboration.

Visually share your project with internal and external stakeholders no matter where they are. Avoid information bottlenecks by putting accurate, up-to-date information in the hands of teams making important day-to-day decisions.

Trimble Clarity eliminates the need for complex software and allows users of any skill level to leverage the power of spatial 3D data.

Trimble Clarity features a variety of tools to analyze your point cloud and 3D data. Measure individual points, point to point distances, or entire areas with great accuracy and detect possible issues before they escalate to costly rework.

Even non technical users can quickly generate actionable insights and share them with others. Experts will appreciate the more advanced data manipulation and analysis tool.

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