How does SiteVision AR work?

Surveyor on construction site

Whether you’re trying to understand design vs. as-built, identify a property boundary, or locate buried monumentation or underground utilities, Trimble® SiteVision™ augmented reality (AR) combines a live view of a real-world environment with your 3D data to help you visualize the intangible.

For cadastral and topographic surveys, SiteVision helps you visualize points or surfaces previously measured in the field, and inspect the integrity of your data in the real world. From conducting quicker as-built surveys to verification, SiteVision assists in finding discrepancies between the model and the current site.

Demonstrate to your team and external stakeholders in real-time with an interactive view. SiteVision’s information visualization capabilities make it easy to collaborate and demonstrate your proposed designs—and preferred alternatives—at every phase of a project.

The Trimble R12i with SiteVision solution

Trimble SiteVision software operates on the Trimble TSC7 controller or Trimble T7 tablet paired to the Trimble R12i GNSS receiver.

This fully rugged, large 7-inch screen solution: 

  • Takes advantage of the Trimble Inertial Platform™ tilt compensation technology built into the Trimble R12i. This GNSS + Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) technology enables faster, more robust position and orientation information necessary to overlay a 3D model accurately on the TSC7 or T7 camera.
  • Provides superior AR stability including real time estimated heading accuracy to deliver unprecedented AR precision.
  • Can be used with your existing corrections services.
  • Works in challenging GNSS locations, in low-light or bright daylight environments, and in extreme temperatures and conditions.
  • Provides the highest horizontal and vertical accuracy available.

SiteVision software is available as a subscription on a monthly or annual basis.

Product shot of the TSC7 survey controller running SiteVision and the R12i GNSS receiver

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SiteVision features that work for you

Data Support

Accurately georeference your fully attributed and constructible models from Trimble Business Center (VCL and TTM) using your existing site calibration. Supports third-party design data in LandXML and DWG formats, including shapefiles (SHP) for all your subsurface utility data from Esri databases.

Visualization Tools

Selectively view every element of the constructible model from subgrade to finished surface, with all of the associated services using the layer viewing controls. Compare the designs with the current site by adjusting the transparency. Enable Pit View for a better perspective of the depth-accurate subsurface looks at utilities, in true 1:1 scale.

Cloud Connection

Your crew gets easy access to the latest approved design revision via Trimble Connect direct to your TSC7 or T7 controller. Measurements and reporting are automatically sent back through Trimble Connect for simplified data management.


Capture augmented reality photos, quick measurements and notes to create tasks, report on project status and request clarifications; and then share or assign them to project members, all in real time from the field.

3D Modeling

Place SketchUp models as you pick up data during your topographical survey. Instead of seeing a point when you are mapping an object, such as a manhole, place a model of a manhole and get visual verification that you have captured the data correctly.


Accurately measure lengths consisting of multiple points and areas. See the data you measured for a visual check and be sure that you have captured the data.

Unlock the potential AR brings to your survey workflows

SiteVision software running on a TSC7 controller screen

If you're a surveyor, engineer, utility professional, contractor or inspector, SiteVision is a valuable tool in your survey toolbox. See issues before they arise, enrich the data you measure in the field, and empower your decision-making through collaboration and engagement.


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