Trimble Sync Manager Overview

Select data using Trimble Business Center, or from your desktop

Create and send jobs to your team with Trimble Sync Manager

Connect, download and start work in Trimble Access.
Sync back to the office

Track, review and report on the returned data with Trimble Sync Manager

Export data to Trimble Business Center or your desktop for office processing and generation of deliverables

Trimble Business Center

The latest version of Trimble Business Center installs Trimble Sync Manager and includes the Trimble Sync utility to aid the selection and sending of data to Trimble Sync Manager

TBC with TSM utility  Send a data selection using the Trimble Sync utility.

Trimble Sync Manager

Trimble Sync Manager is a desktop application which sends and receives Trimble Access jobs through the Trimble Connect cloud. Data can be exchanged with Trimble Business Center and the PC file system.

Download Trimble Sync Manager now

TSM Projects view  Group data and crew into project spaces

  TSM create job Create and send jobs for Trimble Access

 TSM jobs view Monitor job status

 TSM job export  Review and export data to Trimble Business Center or your desktop

Trimble Access

Trimble Access offers an efficient way of transferring job and linked files by syncing to the cloud. Jobs created in Trimble Sync Manager are ready to be used without having to key in additional settings or coordinate system parameters. 

TA project Select a project

TA job Download a job

TA data Start surveying

Syncing data back to the office allows processing to start quicker and provides a backup if anything should happen to the field device. 

Trimble Connect

The Trimble Sync Manager system utilizes the Trimble Connect cloud platform for improved communication and collaboration between your office and field. Trimble Sync Manager and Trimble Access should be used as the interfaces when using this system.