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eCognition for Trident

The Trident interface is designed for robust object positioning, measurement, point cloud classification, and data layer creation–ideal for the analysis of geo-referenced imagery and laser scanner data. Industry-leading functions accelerate projects and increase productivity, including key automated processes such as surface modeling, roadway sign and pole detection, lane marking detection, edge and breakline detection, road geometry, and clearance measurements.

Manage and analyze high-resolution digital imaging and dense point clouds

  • Direct loading of MX data
  • Import and processing of post processed trajectories
  • QA/QC tools
  • RGB point cloud colorization
  • Manual classification and information extraction from digital imagery and point clouds
  • User defined GIS data entry forms
  • Projection of existing GIS database content on images and point clouds for easy data management
  • Direct GIS database connection for multi-user data extraction and maintenance

Automate roadway asset inventory, geometry and safety assessment

  • Add-on to Trident Imaging Hub
  • Automated feature and change detection of poles, signs, and pavement markings
  • Automated modeling of terrain, vertical and horizontal clearances, line-of-sight, roadway cross sections, edges and centerlines
  • Land XML exports

eCognition server access for feature extraction and analysis

  • Add-on to Trident Imaging Hub
  • Analyzes and processes selected data in Trident using eCognition Rule Sets
  • Results are directly displayed within Trident 
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