How are Trimble Catalyst subscriptions sold?

Trimble Catalyst is available as an hourly pay-per-use service (Catalyst On Demand) or a monthly unlimited use service (Catalyst Monthly). For the monthly subscription plans, you can choose the accuracy level that suits your workflow (1 Meter, Sub-meter, Decimeter, or Precision), then purchase a subscription for the number of months and users you require. For the Catalyst On Demand service option, you purchase time in multiples of 10-hour packs, which can be used by a single user or shared across a team of any number of field users. On Demand users draw down time in 1 hour increments, and can be easily topped up at any time.

What subscription levels are available?

Trimble Catalyst subscriptions are available in four accuracy levels: 1 Meter, Sub-meter, Decimeter and Precision. Each subscription bundles access to the Catalyst positioning engine at the appropriate accuracy level along with the required level of access to Trimble's differential GNSS correction data services.

Visit the Subscriptions page to view the subscription accuracy levels and coverage areas.

What accuracy level is Trimble Catalyst 'Precision'?

Precision is a subscription that will deliver the highest possible accuracy that can be achieved with Trimble Catalyst. Depending on your environment (unobstructed view of the sky, for example) it can achieve accuracies of 1-2 cm or better.

How many devices can I use my subscription on?

Trimble Catalyst subscriptions are licensed "per user" for use on one device at a time. Your subscription cannot be used on multiple devices simultaneously. Access to your subscription is managed through a secure license file which is stored on your Android device. To transfer a license file from one device to another, sign-out from the first device before signing-in on the second device.

What is the difference between a Trimble Catalyst subscription and a Catalyst license?

Your Trimble Catalyst subscription defines the accuracy period and time period for which you can use the Catalyst positioning service. Your Catalyst license is a file that is stored on your device that validates your identity (your Trimble ID) and determines the Catalyst service subscription level you should have access to. The license can only exist on one device at a time (but can be moved between devices by signing-out of one device before signing-in on another).

Where can I purchase a Trimble Catalyst subscription and accessories?

Trimble Catalyst subscriptions (as well as the Catalyst DA1 antenna and a range of Trimble accessories) can be purchased through any authorized Trimble Mapping & GIS Distributor. Visit the home page for more information on the purchasable pieces, and to find the nearest Trimble distributor in your area.

How do I upgrade, cancel, or renew my Trimble Catalyst subscription?

Contact your local Trimble Mapping & GIS Distributor to upgrade, renew, or cancel Catalyst subscriptions.

How do I manage Trimble Catalyst subscription(s) for my team?

If you purchase Trimble Catalyst for a group of users, you can assign individual subscriptions to other users in your team, remove users, or re-assign subscriptions from one user to another user within your team. View our Help Portal for the basic steps on how to manage individual Catalyst subscription assignments, or contact your Trimble distributor for assistance.

What is a Trimble ID?

A Trimble ID (or TID) is a unique account identity linked to your email address. You can use your Trimble ID to associate and assign applications, services, and subscriptions from many different parts of Trimble including Trimble Catalyst.

How do I change my personal information on my Trimble ID?

Go to to modify any of your Trimble ID details.

How do I modify or reset my Trimble ID password?

Go to to modify or reset your Trimble ID password.

What is the warranty for my Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna?

The DA1 antenna is covered by a hardware warranty covering damage from damage in normal use environments, and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Read the full terms and conditions of the hardware warranty here.

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