Trimble Urban Planning
Land use initiative in Austria using INPHO and eCognition® software saves time and government funds.
Urban Planning Using Inpho and eCognition
The Government of Lower Austria was challenged with the previously cost-prohibitive and lengthy process of aerial mapping forested and populated areas. An assessment of the resulting shape files from…
Labor intensive updates to cadastral data by manual evaluation of aerial photographs are a thing of the past.
Land Register Automation Using eCognition and Inpho
Cadastral data updates that used to take several years to implement can now be brought up to date in just a few months with Trimble's eCognition and inPho software.
Landsat imagery and Trimble’s eCognition software prove invaluable to conservation effort in Laos
Preserving Biodiversity through Geospatial Technology
Trimble eCognition was used to track deforestation across an expanse so vast it would not have been possible without the software.
eCognition Agroscience
eCognition Automates Vegetation Mapping for EU compliance
Automated Extraction of Vegetated Features and Agricultural Land
Using available aerial imagery and digital surface models, a small RLP AgroScience team, together with local authorities, created an
operational system that completely automates the process of…
Trimble RTX technology brings accuracy and productivity to a wind farm in South Africa
Remote Precision
Precise GNSS positioning in remote locations reduces time and costs to bring clean energy online.
Australian company provides precise surveys in difficult, remote locations
Precision on Demand
Australia’s rugged landscape can pose challenges to even the best surveyors. But for the nation’s energy industry, there is no room for compromise—accuracy is essential regardless of the terrain or…