Deep Dive Into The Trimble X7 X-Drive

The Trimble X7 design is unique in both form and function, integrating a survey-grade servo drive with high speed scanning, automatic self-leveling and an integrated camera system to deliver exceptional reliability and productivity in the field.

Deep Dive Into The Trimble X7 Auto-Calibration Feature

Have you ever shipped your scanner and had concerns about its calibration? Did you question whether the instrument was still producing accurate scans for an important project? If this sounds familiar, you will be interested in the auto-calibration feature of the Trimble X7 to eliminate the guesswork and reduce downtime and expense.

Survey Scan Data Sync

Trimble Business Center (TBC) calculates scale factors to correctly align different types of raw survey, scan, and point data in one project

A Guide to Getting the Best Performance with Large Data Sets

Careful pre-planning and a strategic computer configuration help maximize productivity while using Trimble Business Center (TBC) and Trimble RealWorks