Trimble RealWorks

  • Highly-automated, efficient workflows to thoroughly analyze complex datasets and create industry-standard inspection deliverables.
  • Automatically detect out of tolerance areas and produce reports according to API 653 Standard guidelines and efficiently produce highly-accurate holding volume calibration table

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Trimble SX10 

  • Meets all the technical requirements for volume calibration
  • It’s a 1 sec Total station (and so compliant with ISO and API standards related to tanks)
  • Smallest spot size on the market (8mm@50m)to ensure high accuracy measurement in DR mode and low noise point cloud.
  • Ability to perform survey traverse, side shots and scans around the tank in a single project. Supported by Trimble scanning software.

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Trimble X7

  • Reliable field workflows suitable for all users
  • Intuitive Trimble Perspective software to operate, manage, view and validate scan data
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and mobility
  • Breakthrough innovations for reliable data collection
  • Automated survey grade self-leveling
  • High sensitivity time-of-flight EDM to effectively capture dark and reflective surfaces
  • Flexible operation with tablet or one button workflow
  • Data integration with Trimble and non Trimble software

Trimble RealWorks_PerspectiveTrimble X7


Trimble TX8

  • Designed for performance, the Trimble TX8 enables you to complete 3D laser scanning projects faster than ever
  • High end performance - ultra-high speed scanning with consistent accuracy over the full scan range. The Trimble TX8 delivers unsurpassed productivity in the field and office with fast, clean scans
  • High quality data - quickly capture superior data even in bright sunlight. Be confident you will get the quality data you need with less setups to complete the project

Trimble TX8Trimble TX8

Trimble TX6

Essential performance – effective high speed scanning with consistent accuracy over the full scan range. The Trimble TX6 delivers superior performance compared to other similarly priced scanners 

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