Install Trimble Sync Manager

Trimble Sync Manager will be installed with the latest version of Trimble Business Center.

For those without Trimble Business Center

Download Trimble Sync Manager x64

Download Trimble Sync Manager x86

Create your Trimble Identity

A Trimble Identity (TID) is your access to cloud based communication and collaboration within Trimble. Multiple TID can be invited to a shared project space within the Trimble Connect cloud.

If you do not already have a TID, at the login screen of Trimble Sync Manager or Trimble Access select {Create a new Trimble ID} and follow the instructions.

Create separate TID accounts to allow you to assign survey jobs within your company.

Start using the Trimble Sync Manager system

Start wherever makes sense to you.

In Trimble Business Center send a data selection using Send to Sync.

In Trimble Sync Manager create a project and job.

In Trimble Access 2018 download a project that has been configured by Trimble Sync Manager, download or create a job in that project, survey then sync back to the office.

Consider if you wish to implement a standard project or naming convention and ensure your team is aware.

Upgrade your Trimble Identity

A Connect Business for Trimble Access account offers unlimited projects, invites and data storage. It is possible to upgrade your TID free of charge for use with Trimble Access under software maintenance agreement. Contact your dealer or check for more information.