What Android apps can I use with Trimble Catalyst?

Trimble Catalyst can be used with nearly any location-enabled app on a compatible Android phone or tablet. There are two main classes of application that can be used with Trimble Catalyst - Catalyst ready apps, and third party location enabled apps. Catalyst ready apps are those that integrate directly with Catalyst using the Trimble Catalyst SDK, and provide a seamless workflow, rich positioning metadata, and streamlines the Catalyst user experience. Third party location enabled apps do not integrate directly with Trimble Catalyst, but can still use positions from Catalyst using the location sharing feature on compatible Android devices.

How does Trimble Catalyst work with third party location-enabled apps?

If using location sharing feature of Trimble Mobile Manager, your Android device will receive positions from the Trimble Catalyst service that will over-ride positions that would otherwise be generated by your phones internal GPS receiver. Using location sharing, Trimble Catalyst provides a 1 Hz (one per second) WGS84 position (ITRF2014 Current Epoch) in the form of a latitude, longitude, and height, as well as an estimate of the error in the position. Any location-enabled app that accepts positions from a mock-location provider can use and display the position.

How does Trimble Catalyst work with Catalyst-enabled apps?

Catalyst enabled apps use the Trimble Catalyst SDK to directly embed Catalyst positioning into the app. Catalyst-enabled apps have access to a powerful set of capabilities and information which enables high accuracy workflows, auditing, and the development of specialized positioning functions. For example, apps utilizing the Trimble Catalyst SDK have full control of the position output rate, the output datum, and can access full position metadata information and statistics. Positions from Catalyst-enabled apps can be more easily utilized and stored inside different location-aware back-end systems. Catalyst-enabled apps allow for accurate comparison of positions from other sources, and enable reliability, quality, and control checks to be performed with accuracy-enabled field workflows.

What Trimble apps do I need to run Catalyst?

Catalyst requires two apps to be installed on your device. Trimble Mobile Manager provides a user interface to sign-in and host your Catalyst license file, and manages the configuration of the receiver and GNSS corrections. The Trimble Catalyst Service app contains the Catalyst softGNSS receiver engine and runs in the background on your device. Both apps are needed to run Catalyst on your device.

Where do I get the Trimble Catalyst apps?

Trimble Mobile Manager can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Searching for the term 'Trimble Mobile Manager' should also return the mobile app in the store's search.

In order to support custom deployment scenarios, the latest versions of the Trimble Mobile Manager client and Trimble Catalyst Service for Android are available as a standalone Android Package Kit (APK) for download. Please note that this direct download will not work on devices that do not have Google Play Services installed.

What are the latest versions of the Trimble Catalyst apps?

Check out our releases page for the latest Trimble Catalyst app information.

Where do I get Trimble Catalyst ready and third-party apps for Catalyst?

Trimble Catalyst ready and third-party location-enabled apps are available from the Google Play store.

I have an app idea for Trimble Catalyst, what should I do?

If you already have a location-based app that you want enabled with Trimble Catalyst, you can apply to be a part of our Partner Program and request to receive access to the Catalyst SDK. If you don't have in-house app development capabilities, but want to share an idea you or your organization have, you can let us know in the form on the Contact page. Maybe you could be the next location-based app rock star.

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